1. Predestined young girl from Xinjiang Province

I ran into a girl from Urumqi City, Xinjiang Province. I explained to her the truth about Falun Dafa cultivation and the staged "self-immolation" incident, and also showed her a group of pictures of overseas practitioners promoting Dafa, peaceful appeals at Tiananmen Square, etc. The young girl was deeply impressed by these beautiful and peaceful pictures and kept saying good things about them, and she told me, "Auntie, can you give me two pictures as a gift so I can show them to my family?" I gave her two pictures of young overseas practitioners doing the sitting meditation and felt deep happiness for this young girl that traveled a long way from Xinjiang to learn the truth about Dafa.

2. Predestined people came to my door

One day, a girl who sold cosmetics knocked at my door. This was a good chance to clarify the truth and I gradually directed our topic to Falun Gong. She told me that her ancestors cultivated Buddhahood; she didn't believe in the current propaganda and had wanted to know the truth about the "self-immolation" incident on Tiananmen Square. I showed her Chapter 7 in Zhuan Falun, where Teacher strictly forbids killing, and the pictures of Dafa being spread far and wide inside and outside China. Looking at these pictures, she said, "Wow, what a magnificent sight!" Before she left, I gave her the truth clarification materials including "The Journey of Return" and materials exposing the fabrications of the self-immolation incident. She left with my good wishes.

3. "None of us believes what the media says."

One day when I bought vegetables on the street, I clarified the truth about Falun Gong to vendors. One old man who sold vegetables told me straightforwardly, "Whatever has been said about Falun Gong in newspapers and on TV, none of us believe it."

4. Falun Gong truth clarification materials appeared on the desk of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee

At the eve of the 16th Party Congress, Jiang's regime on one hand mobilized their propaganda machine to brag about how peaceful and prosperous the current Chinese society was and on the other hand, secretly attempted to block the truth-clarification materials that exposed their evil deeds. According to information from insiders, the State Security Department even issued an order that during the 16th Party Congress if any officer on surveillance watching discovers people posting flyers or making appeals, it is permitted to shoot them. The three types of people that are covered by this secret order are unemployed workers, retired soldiers who have not been assigned to a new job yet, and Falun Gong practitioners. Under such pressure, Falun Gong practitioners persisted in clarifying the truth as usual. Right before the 16th Party Congress began, there appeared Falun Gong truth flyers and VCDs on the desk of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; this truly shocked those involved committing evil deeds.