Nov. 29, 2002

( An Old Doorman Speaks Out

A young female schoolteacher's home in a Southern city in Shandong province was ransacked by members of the notorious "610 Office" and she was detained [the "610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political or judicial systems]. After she was released, the school officials kept up a constant harassment against her so that they could look good to their bosses. They had her report to the school in person every day, even when school wasn't in session. They suspended her salary, only giving her an amount that covers basic living expenses. They conspired to send her to a brainwashing center (she has now become destitute and homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested). The old doorman, who was a temporary worker, knew that the teacher worked diligently and conscientiously, that she was kind to coworkers, employees, and students, that she was hardworking, and that her "outstanding teacher" award had been rescinded only because she persisted in her belief. Witnessing today's moral standard in which good and evil are in disorder, he felt the injustice in his heart.

While the teacher was being kept in the detention center, the arrogant authorities from the "610 office" went to the school to obtain the so-called "evidence". After the old doorman found out their intention, he refused to open the door for them. He said, "She is the best person in our workplace, she comes to work early and leaves late, she works earnestly and diligently. She never does wrong deeds. What crime could she have committed? You just want to make trouble for her, why don't you discipline those who embezzle and are corrupt? I don't buy what you're doing!" The authorities from the "610 Office" were dumbfounded and walked away dejected.

Once, the Party committee from the school's region sent someone to harass the teacher and the old doorman refused to open the door. He criticized them and said that the Party had nothing to do but to make trouble for good people.

Once, the school principal and several of his associates were attacking Dafa in the doorman's room and badmouthing the female teacher. The old man couldn't stand it and said, "What's so terrible about it? Isn't she just practicing Falun Gong? Speaking of work, none of you work as diligently as her. She is the only good person in this whole workplace." They were at a loss and had nothing to say in response. A few days later, they irrationally fired the old man without any prior notice. If only there were more people in today's society like this old man who could speak out for justice with a sense of conscience. How good that would be!

When Listening Carefully to a Dafa Practitioner Reciting Teacher's Article, the Assistant Supervisor Kept Saying, "That Makes Sense, That Makes Sense."

In one place in China more than twenty Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested and kept at the headquarters of the town government. Among the guards there was a deputy mayor of the town. While he was listening to a Dafa practitioner reciting Teacher's article, "Pacify the External by Cultivating the Internal," he kept nodding his head and saying, "That makes sense, that makes sense." He encouraged the Dafa practitioner to keep on reciting and said, "I just have this stubborn temperament, if I feel something is right, I follow it to the very end." He was reported by someone to the town Party committee, and was criticized by being singled out during a meeting. He was not convinced and went to the Party secretary arguing, "What's so terrible about listening to a Falun Gong practitioner reciting? Can you just seal up their mouths?"