Nov. 29, 2002

( While I was reading a Clearwisdom article, I faintly heard clear singing that said "do not by any means miss this chance again." This reminded me of a past event.

It was a year ago, when I was waiting for a fellow practitioner at the curbside. An old woman with an anxious look cautiously approached me and asked me in a low voice, "My dear young sister, I came here from the countryside to look for my son but I could not find him. I haven't had anything to eat for a whole day. I've observed you for a while and found that you are very peaceful. Please have some pity on me, buy me something to eat." I looked at her carefully and found she really was having difficulty, and then I gave her some money. She thanked me profusely and left. I stood there dully, staring at her back as she was walking away. Suddenly I ran after her, I said to her, "Aunt, I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, please remember Falun Dafa is good. All that stuff on TV about self-immolation and committing suicide are lies..."

I think the opportunity that I had with this old woman was not easy to come by. She had observed me for a while and I had taken quite a few bus connections to get there to wait for my fellow practitioner. It seemed by chance but who knows for how long this old woman had been waiting. Never by any means let a chance that comes so close pass us by!