November 25, 2002

(Clearwisdom Net) I am quite sensitive when it comes to sending forth righteous thoughts. Each time I send forth righteous thoughts, I can feel Master performing Guanding to strengthen my energy. I don't feel tired afterwards, but instead I feel refreshed. Only when I slacked off in sending forth righteous thoughts did I feel tired, and sometimes I would sense bad substances interfering with my mind. Not long ago during a heated battle between good and evil, I saw myself standing in the air while sending forth righteous thoughts, speaking aloud the formulas of Fa-rectification. Pieces of the disintegrated evil substances were falling like snowflakes. Another time when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw myself standing in the air. Shots were shooting from my body in all directions. Yet after the head of the evil went back to China, I wasn't that fastidious in sending forth righteous thoughts. As a result, I had a backache for several days. I thought it might be that my divine side was confined and injured when the evil attacked me.

Actually, the remainder of the old forces is waiting to take advantage of our loopholes. If we don't eliminate them with righteous thoughts, they will for sure seek ways to interfere with our main consciousness, so as to survive in the dimensions that are left unpurified because of our slacking off in sending forth righteous thoughts, thus ultimately interfering with the Fa-rectification. From this point of view, slacking off in sending forth righteous thoughts is actually being irresponsible to oneself and unkind to the sentient beings. I noticed that some time ago, there were practitioners attached to the phenomena of feeling tired when sending forth righteous thoughts. I don't think that is right. Personally I think that practitioners with such an attachment were unaware that they took the fatigue they experienced while sending forth righteous thoughts as an excuse for slacking off and hence stopped from advancing. I feel that Master is strengthening our energy when we are sending forth righteous thoughts. Practicing every day and strengthening the mechanism of "Fa Cultivates the Practitioner" is also helping to recover the energy. Under such circumstances, not sending forth righteous thoughts diligently is actually indulging oneself and not cherishing the sentient beings, hence causing oneself and the related sentient beings to be placed in a perilous situation.

In order to maintain the quality of sending forth righteous thoughts, it is important to take the five minutes to eliminate the karma, bad conceptions, unrighteous thoughts, and external interference. Many articles of practitioners have discussed this point, so I won't say more on this subject.

The above is just some of my personal understandings. Please kindly point out anything that is inappropriate.