March 25, 2002

( A practitioner detained in a brainwashing center wrote the following:

My conscience won't let me lie. Searching for the Truth has always been my lifetime goal. I found it in June 1998, and its name is Falun Dafa. What is the most valuable and wonderful thing on earth? It's the Truth. What kind of life is worth living? It is the kind that finds the Truth and holds onto it.

Before June 1998, I was in the worst and most confused state of my life. Indulging in stock speculation, smoking, drinking, the pains and confusion of love affairs, the attachments to fame and profit and the misfortunes of life tortured me painfully. The worst problem was the fact that my life-long search for the meaning of life, values and the truth had yielded no results. I knew that without anything to restrain one's mind, one would fall. I knew that under the contamination of society, I was on the edge of falling. I desired salvation!

Around June 1998, I found Falun Dafa. After reading the book Zhuan Falun, I completely changed. I quit gambling, smoking, and drinking and I avoided the pains of love affairs. I became compassionate and calm. I began following the requirements of Falun Dafa to raise my mind nature, and I corrected my mean temper. I became more forgiving toward people. When people scolded me or beat me, I wouldn't seek revenge, nor feel the need to; this would have been impossible before I practiced Falun Dafa. I became less attached to money, and I wouldn't fight over profit. I was directed to work in a college in September 1998. I worked without complaint. I wasn't driven by profit and I was responsible without seeking a repayment.

Falun Dafa changed me and gave me a new life. My mind and thoughts had been purified. Of course, Dafa's magnificence is not limited to these things.

Humans have to be in touch with their conscience and be just. A lie, although repeated a million times, is still a lie. The truth, however, is still the truth even if only a few people acknowledge it. My conscience won't let me lie. Falun Dafa gave me nothing but good things; I cannot say things that are against my conscience in order to defame Dafa. Is Dafa really good? I've practiced so many years; I am clearheaded and capable of judging it. Therefore, what right do these people, who know nothing about Dafa, have to perform forced brainwashing on me? I love all that is good, as well as my country and the people. I am righteous, honest, and can tell good from bad. I will protect the good and stand up to expose the bad. Falun Dafa is good, and this is proven from my cultivation.

Those who went to appeal are like me. They just went to tell the facts, and not pressure or protest against anyone. Tolerance is a good virtue of the Chinese people. If the government would rationally listen to their pleas and fix the problems, people would not have to appeal to the government. We all know that we prefer to stay home instead.

Those who shoulder the responsibility for the country and the people, and protect the things that are good for the country and the people, are the backbone of the Chinese culture. They are our culture's hope.

If people lose their conscience, their future is doomed. I am worried for my country and my people.