My husband's parents recently came to stay with us. We tried to help them understand the true situation about the persecution of Falun Gong, but they wouldn't listen. My mother-in-law had been deceived by Chinese officials' lies and thought that Falun Gong practitioners isolated themselves from their family members. The lies also caused many other misunderstandings toward Dafa and as a result, when we put truth-clarifying materials on the table, my mother-in-law would say: "I won't read it."

During this particular visit, we didn't pay enough attention to them, and as a consequence they would say bad words about Dafa. For example, when we got home from a busy day at work, we would often rush away to study the Fa or do something for Dafa after dinner. My parents-in-law would then be upset about it. They complained that we only looked after our own things and didn't care about them.

Upon hearing their complaints, we tried to look inside ourselves and found that we were really being selfish. We didn't truly care for them at all. From then on, we tried to spend time chatting with them after dinner. Although sometimes we were really very busy, we would still chat with them for a while, and this harmonized our relationship.

During that period of time, they could see that sometimes we kept on working until two or three o'clock in the morning before going to sleep. And in the morning, we still got up early to do the exercises before going to work. One day after dinner, we went to chat with them as usual. My mother-in-law said to us sincerely: "You don't need to chat with us, I saw you stay up very late these last few nights. You just go ahead and do your work."

The other night at dinner, my father-in-law said to me suddenly: "Today, my son did a thing which touched me very much. I want to cultivate, too." I was rather surprised and asked him the reason.

What had happened was this: When my husband took him shopping at a craft shop, my husband accidentally knocked an object down and damaged it a little bit. Although nobody else had seen it, my husband took the damaged item to a cashier and wanted to pay the marked price of $75.00. However, the cashier wouldn't let him pay no matter what he said. My father-in-law was deeply touched by this, saying, "Nowadays, nobody in China would do the same as what my son did today. Falun Gong must be really good." So he decided to cultivate, too.

From then on, my parents-in-law started to accept truth-clarifying materials. My father-in-law truly started on to the way to returning to his true self -- openly, nobly and firmly.