My wife and I have had nearly 50 difficult years of life together. We are so fortunate to have obtained Dafa in our old age. We can now walk hand in hand in our renewed lives.

I began practicing Falun Dafa nearly six years ago. Before then I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar levels, heart arrhythmia, and insomnia. I often felt dizzy, and my head usually felt bloated. I had difficulty walking, and I had gone to the hospital numerous times for emergency treatments. I was declared by doctors to be on the verge of death on many occasions. The cost of my medical treatments over the last ten years totaled about 150 thousand Yuan (the average income for an urban worker in China is about 500 Yuan).

Only a month after I obtained the Fa, I experienced the feeling of the lightness of a body free of illnesses. Around April of 1997, I had difficulty getting up from my usual nap. When I got up I could not stand up straight. My family members promptly measured my blood pressure. It was as high as 195/105. Some of them wanted to call an ambulance right away. Others ran to my work unit to borrow money to pay for hospital fees. Some knew that I had benefited greatly from cultivation, and they reminded me to think about whether the symptoms I was having were similar to previous illnesses. They allowed me to make my own decision on whether to go to the hospital or not. I said to them, "Thank you all for your kindness. Please allow me to think it over."

At around six or seven that evening, my blood pressure was still very high. When it reached 200/106, I suddenly realized that if high blood pressure could occur without an external cause, then it must not be a real illness. It must be my Teacher purifying my body, and that it was a test for me. I also recalled Teacher's words that what manifests hinges on our thoughts. I cleared away my ordinary human thoughts, and suddenly I felt incredibly uplifted. I then declared to my family, "I'm going to the morning exercise site tomorrow! Please don't worry about me anymore. I'll be fine." At 10 p.m., I felt that I had fully recovered, and I was feeling happy and calm again. My blood pressure was perfectly normal at 135/70. I told all my children about my recovery. They were overjoyed. Two daughters and a son-in-law told me they wanted to learn how to cultivate right away.

Teacher also purified my wife's body when she first began cultivation. She had very bad diarrhea for an entire week. Her eye that was almost completely blind from an illness during her youth recovered miraculously. Her ankles, which have been swollen for as long as I can remember, returned to normal almost without us noticing. My housemaid, who was almost 50 years old, started to study the Fa after July 20, 1999. Even though she had never learned how to read, she can easily read Zhuan Falun now. Ten of my family members gradually became Dafa cultivators and they are doing very well. One of my daughters once could not walk. Doctors had determined that she had necrosis in her right hip joint and suggested that it be replaced with an artificial joint, or it would accelerate the deterioration of her left hip. However, only three months after she started cultivating, her hip fully recovered, and she was able to walk again.