November 21, 2002

( Prior to the 16th Party Congress, a group of lawless officials headed by Zhang Li, Chairman of Niuxibu Town Party Committee in Laixi City, Shandong Province, arrested many Dafa practitioners.

The group consisted of Town Party Committee Chairman Zhang Li, local police station Chief Wang Hongjun, Deputy Chief Ma Shaohua, Xiangyangling Village Party Committee Chairman Dong Liangzhi, Sanjiao Village Party Committee Chairman Sui Dexing, Tiejiazhuang Village Party Committee Chairman Chen Zhentang and Director Sun Liang, along with Wang Guilin, Xu Qingsong, Lan Hexue, Zhang Chengshou, and Ding Yunxiang. They made local village chairmen knock on the doors of Dafa practitioners and entice them to open the door; then they searched practitioners' homes and kidnapped them. If practitioners refused to open the door, the thugs would break into their homes and forcibly take the practitioners away.

Tiejiazhuang practitioner Zhao Xincui refused to open the door, so the thugs broke down her door and took her away. Zhao's husband tried to stop them and was also arrested, leaving their teenage child alone at home, crying all night. The thugs also broke into another female practitioner's home. Several young men carried her away from her bed, clad only in underwear. During the arrest process, lots of practitioners suffered bruises all over their bodies.

Xiangyangling Village Party Committee Chairman Dong Liangzhi and villager Ding Yunxiang worked with the group of lawless officials to arrest practitioners living in their villages. Sanjiao Village Party Committee Chairman Sui Dexing not only helped to arrest practitioners in his village, but also beat practitioners during the process. He even used the village elementary school building to detain practitioners. Tiejiazhuang Village Party Committee Chairman Chen Zhentang and Director Sun Liang also helped to arrest practitioners in their village. Wang Guilin was from Dongdao Village and worked for the Township Appeals Office. After July 22, 1999, he actively participated in the persecution of Dafa practitioners, inhumanly tortured them and also confiscated money and other personal property from them. He once tortured a sixty-year-old Dafa practitioner until that person became unconscious. Furthermore, he also extended the detention periods of Dafa practitioners.

Here is a list of arrested Dafa practitioners:

Zhou Shizhan and Sui Guangxi were sent to the "610 Office" in Shuiji.

Xue Juxiang was illegally detained for half a month.

Rizhuang Town Dafa practitioner Ding Hongzhen was sent to the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp.

Wubei Town Dafa practitioners Wang Shouguang and Shi Hongjie are being detained in Laixi City's Detention Center.

Eight practitioners from Nanshu Town were sent to Laixi City's Detention Center, and another practitioner from Nanshu Town was sent to the Qingdao Forced Labor Camp.

Many other practitioners were arrested and detained at the same time.

We sincerely hope all the kind-hearted people around the world will help us to secure the release of these innocent Dafa practitioners. We also hope that all the Dafa practitioners will send forth righteous thoughts to assist kidnapped fellow practitioners to rejoin the current of Fa- rectification.