A Wise and Kind Secretary of a Political and Judiciary Committee

During a conversation with a Dafa practitioner, a secretary of the political and judiciary committee from a city in northern China said, "Time will show us everything. The righteous will always be righteous. Good is awarded with good, evil is met with retribution. That's heaven's law."

Because of pressure from the their superiors, three brainwashing classes were held in this city in northern China. In the brainwashing classes, the secretary showed respect for the Dafa practitioners. When the brainwashing classes ended, he merely asked Dafa practitioners to talk about their understanding. During the 16th Party Congress, the third brainwashing class was held. The supervisor of a practitioner told her, "If you are still not transformed after this class you will be sent to labor camp." The practitioner was forced to abandon her home to avoid further persecution. When the secretary of the political and judiciary committee learned about this, he said, "Attending the class is voluntary, if they want come they can come. Now she has left home. Who will take care of her children, husband, and parents? From now on, you should never say things like that."

The Cowardly Head of the Regime

During the 16th Party Congress in China, the country has launched another relentless propaganda campaign.

An officer from a work unit in northern China said, "This meeting, that meeting, no other meeting is more bothersome than the 16th Party Congress. Yesterday, there was a phone call from the administrative department demanding that everyone watch the 16th Party Congress broadcast. Who has time for that? What on earth has happened?" One party member said, "This means that the regime has a guilty conscience, and everything the regime has done is not welcome. Things need to be done, but the regime doesn't do them. And things that the regime should not meddle with, the regime does without end. So what do they do?

They launch a campaign to create an image. In my opinion, the party is near the end of its strength."