(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner. I was detained in the police station for three months without any proper legal procedure because I told members of the public the true situation about the persecution of Falun Dafa. After three months' detention, I was sent to the Women's Detention Center of Baimalong, Hunan province on October 9, 2000. The following is the terror that I experienced during my detention in Baimalong.

I saw a practitioner, Yang Youyuan, who had been forcibly sent to a Psychiatric Center. Seeing her expressionless eyes and slow movements, I could not believe she was once a healthy woman from the rural villages.

The next day, I was told that I was not allowed to talk to other practitioners, practice the Falun Dafa exercises, recite Falun Dafa teachings, or even bend my legs, close my eyes, or stretch my back. Otherwise, I would be punished by being forced to stand for a long time facing the wall, by being forced to hold the half squat position for a long time, by being beaten with electric batons, or by solitary confinement. Moreover, there was a so called "safety inspection" every two or three days. Even underwear was searched and you were followed even when you went to the bathroom. If you made eye contact with other practitioners by chance, you were accused of making signals and communicating with each other. You would have to go through at least half a day's forced education plus the inevitable corporal punishment. Everyday, we had to watch the repeated lies on TV. If we resisted we were deprived of sleep. The police would pour water on the floor so that we could not even sit on the floor.

There is a confinement cell on the mountain, which has become a place where police torture Dafa practitioners. I don't know exactly how many practitioners have been detained there, but I do know that the cell has never been vacant. It is about 30 square feet in size. Detainees must eat, drink, sleep and relieve themselves inside. There is only one worn-out blanket, which is only brought in at night before bedtime. Often, there is no water supply for stretches of 10 to 15 days. I was sent there late at night on January 28, 2001. Both of my hands were cuffed to the iron door. I was still handcuffed even when I needed to go to bathroom. Just for reciting Dafa teachings, a practitioner named Cao Jingzhen was kicked so hard that she suffered from internal bleeding. For several days she could not eat anything.

One of the most commonly used torture methods is to hang Dafa practitioners in the air. Every day, two or three practitioners were tortured in this way. One time, the policemen took out 30 practitioners. At first, they cuffed two people together and hung them up high in the air. Then, they cuffed the hand of one practitioner to the hand of another practitioner and pulled down on them very hard. Then, they added another practitioner, and continued on with this pattern. I did not know how long we were hung like that because Cao Xianghui and I passed out. During daytime, they would hang the practitioners inside the room to prevent other people from seeing the torture. During the night they would hang us on the fence along the corridor and along the poles in the exercise yard.

Another commonly used torture involves high voltage electric batons. One day in March, a practitioner from our room named Chen Xingtao sat on the bed because she could not sleep. The guards on duty saw her. They dragged her outside and tortured her with high voltage electric batons. When she was brought back to the room, her body (including her mouth area) was covered with bruises and purplish blisters. The warden paid no mind to such torture. One night during room inspection, we started to recite Lunyu, and the policemen rushed us like a swarm of bees. The room was instantly filled with the sound of electric shocking, police cursing, and screaming. The practitioners were taken out one by one for questioning. One police officer with an electric baton dragged me out and started to beat me savagely without even asking any questions. While he was beating me, he roared like a demon, "Do you think you are allowed to talk here? Don't you know where you are? Even if you are right you cannot speak!" I do not know how long he beat me since I passed out.

I hope that all kind-hearted people can analyze all of this torture with a clear, unbiased mind. Dafa practitioners come out to say a fair word about Falun Dafa and to expose the lies so people can learn the facts about the persecution. They do all of this so that the people of the world will have a glorious future.