November 28 2002

( When I first went to tourist sites to tell people the truth about Falun Gong, I only helped to pass out flyers as my Mandarin was not good and I did not know much about people from Mainland China. As time passed I improved from only handing out flyers to talking to them a little, and from talking to them into accepting flyers to understanding their minds. I kept adjusting the way to pass out flyers, from the content to my expressions and tone.

When thinking about Master's teachings, tears come to my eyes. Facing different sentient beings, what I give them is not from me, but the compassion from Master and the truth of the universe. Yet as I did not cultivate well enough; I did not let them accept it righteously. Therefore I kept sending forth righteous thoughts and trying to see their kindness.

At present my mind is calm while clarifying the truth. It is not that I have lost the enthusiasm, but I am adjusting my presentation so that they can accept it more readily. The misunderstanding that Mainland Chinese people have toward Falun Gong is because they are deceived and their kindness has been taken advantage of. They will not listen to the facts. Only practitioners' compassion, kindness, and gentleness can open their minds. Even though they dare not take materials, a couple of sentences could make them raise questions from the bottom of their hearts.

Master's compassion and care for us is boundless. Do we have this compassion and care for others? When we criticize and blame others, we seem to be thinking of others and doing so for their sake, but do we really show our compassion? People with great compassion would not do so. They would use other ways and other forms to kindly point out things that need to be corrected, and only to benefit others. There is boundless tolerance, which comes out of compassion, and from the nature of the universe.

Several times tourists approached to me to chat. Some of them seemed concerned about me due to their misunderstandings. One elderly lady even said that my Mandarin sounded good. I was touched, not by her comments, but by her kindness. I am willing to use all I have for them, just like what Master wants us to do. Yet, at this moment, I am far from it. However, I am willing to try my best. Thanks to our great and compassionate Master for his arrangements and teachings. Only by removing my attachments and upgrading myself can I be worthy of Master's Fa-Rectification.