(Clearwisdom.net) Preface: [Hong Kong] government officials often emphasize that the legislation of Article 23 of the "Basic Law" will only limit itself to defining some high-level crimes that ordinary citizens would not commit. However, a large group of lawyers are standing up and boldly writing articles in person to expose the government's lies. From today on, our newspaper will briefly report the points one by one to our readers.

A senior attorney Mr. Li, S.C. composed a booklet entitled, "Article 23 Legislation- Treason-What You Must Know" (see photo). He pointed out the following concerns:

According to the government's proposals, one will be considered to have committed treason and will be sentenced to life imprisonment if he allies himself with foreign countries to start war against the government or request the government to change its policy. But the question is, the government does not define that "start war" has to involve military affairs. In other words, joining other countries to request a trade sanction against China, or to apply quotas or customs on goods from China, or even requesting China to change policies for its trade, politics, economy, society and culture, could all be included in the definition of Treason at any moment.

Even if one does not commit treason, he would be still sentenced to life imprisonment if he attempts to, joins the plan, instigates or promotes others to commit treason.

The government also introduces a definition of a new crime, "hidden treason". Citizens are also considered to have committed this crime if they know of someone who committed treason but do not report it. They could be sentenced to 7 years in jail or be fined with no upper limit. In other words, the government attempts to impose the responsibility of reporting treason to ordinary citizens, which will mean city-dwellers could unknowingly be caught by the law at any moment.

Apple Daily is a prominent Hong Kong-based Chinese-language newspaper.