(Clearwisdom.net) (Taiwan Central News Agency reporter Jiang Ying reporting from San Francisco on Nov. 21) Lee Si-Chen, professor of electrical engineering and a dean at National Taiwan University, who has been studying in the areas of psychokinesis and finger reading for a long time, recently gave a speech in the Silicon Valley. Many people from high-tech areas were curious about the scientific proof of supernormal powers and the spiritual world through experiments. The lecture hall of the presentation sponsored by the Yushan Science and Technology Society in the Silicon Valley was filled with people.

Lee Si-Chen stated that human supernormal power comes from somewhere beyond the feelings of our five sensory organs. Some people have this power from birth, while some people develop it through qigong exercise or longtime training.

Through repeated experiments on children at the Electrical Engineering Department of National Taiwan University, he confirmed that the supernormal power of "finger reading" exists among many children between the ages of 7 and 13. Their powers would increase through repeated exercises, and their finger-reading powers were reduced or even disappeared when they exercised less frequently. However, those who had the power from birth were not affected by the frequency of the exercises.

During more than 10 years of experiments, Lee Si-Chen typically wrote down Chinese characters or English letters, or drew a pattern on a piece of paper with colored pens. Then he folded the paper into a small paper ball and handed it over to a child, allowing him or her to put it into their ear or hold it in their hand. It usually took anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes for the children to "see" the words or patterns on the paper.

These children expressed that they "saw" the contents of the paper balls when their brains showed the images that were written on the paper that they had touched with their fingers. However, this kind of induction could show an incomplete image with missing words or sections of words when the "power was not strong enough" or "induction was incomplete."

A young girl, Kao Chiao-wu, a child of a Chinese and Japanese couple, has inborn finger-reading power. She has been a study and experiment subject of Lee Si-Chen for years. Many years of experiments showed a very high success rate of reading words by her fingers. In fact, her power has reached to the degree that she can induce the contents of a piece of paper inside a paper box without touching the paper.

Inadvertently, Lee Si-Chen discovered that although Kao Chiao-wu had been able to recognize all kinds of words and patterns, when she encountered words related to religion, such as Buddha, Jesus or Bodhisattva, she could not "see" words. What she saw instead were a bright ball of light or a shining cross. When the words "Medicine Buddha" were written on the paper ball, besides the bright light she saw, she could detect the aroma of herbs.

Kao Chiao-wu also said that sometimes she has a "teacher" coming to help her and give her the answer. These inadvertent discoveries seem to prove the existence of the "spiritual world," which inspired Lee Si-Chen's search for "another dimension."

Lee Si-Chen once tried to communicate with the "teacher" in "another dimension" through Kao Chiao-wu. He wrote down his question in a paper ball and let Kao Chiao-wu induct it. She could not "see" the question on the paper; however, her "teacher" directly passed the answer to her. So the words passed back and forth between them.

After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorism attacks in the United States, Lee Si-Chen asked the "teacher," "Will the United States attack Afghanistan?" and "Will they be able to catch bin Laden?" The answer was "Yes and no." When he asked if aliens would come to the Earth? The answer was, "Aren't they already here?"

Lee Si-Chen said that through many years' research and experimentation, he confirmed the concrete existence of supernormal powers. The experience of Kao Chiao-wu seems to show the existence of another world. However, whether we can use our current knowledge of physics and physiology to explain them requires more scientists to join the research and work to gradually unveil the mystery.