1. Murderer Blames Falun Gong, Escaping the Death Penalty

In the year 2000, the Panjin City TV Station in Liaoning Province gave a report about "A murdered mother, Wei." The report said that this old lady had made a living through picking up scraps from refuse heaps. Her unemployed daughter spent her time idling about playing Mahjong in Haicheng City. Whenever the daughter was broke she would ask her mother for money. One night, when the old lady had no money to give her daughter, the daughter killed her.

Later, people from the Public Security Bureau told the daughter, "You should say that you practice Falun Gong -- if you blame everything on Falun Gong we will waive the death penalty." The local residents knew that she didn't practice Falun Gong at all, but the authorities intimidated them into silence.

2. A Hunchback Lies About Falun Gong to Get His Medical Discount

After July 20th 1999, Chinese Central TV Station (CCTV) broadcast propaganda every day attacking Falun Gong. One of the lies was about a "Hunchbacked Man." This person's name was Zhang Haiqing who led a very difficult life. He had a seal-engraving shop in Panjin City and lived in the countryside. One day, Zhang Haiqing went to Beijing's Xiehe Hospital seeking treatment for his inflamed vertebrae. His wife tells the following story:

When the couple arrived at the hospital, there was a very long line at the registration window. While they were waiting, a reporter from CCTV walked in and told the people there: anyone who would appear on CCTV to slander Falun Gong would get to register first and would also receive a 50% medical discount. Since Zhang Haiqing was very anxious to get his treatment, he repeated the TV reporter's words slandering Falun Gong, and he claimed that practicing Falun Gong made him become a hunchback.

He did get to register first, but he never got his discount as CCTV promised.

3. Corrupt Official Slanders Falun Gong for His Own Benefit

In May of this year, 400 families needed to be moved out of the Weijia group for housing reconstruction. The person in charge of this project was a man named Dahua. Dahua admitted himself that he had given a huge bribe to a city official's wife so that he would be put in charge of the project.

However, Dahua paid very low moving fees to those families. Since some people didn't have enough money to buy new homes, they couldn't move. On April 31st of this year, Dahua cut off their supply of power, water and gas. Those people tried to talk to the city officials, but they couldn't find anybody because it was a holiday weekend, May 1st, International Labor Day. Some people laid themselves on railway tracks to protest, causing the train to be delayed.

Later, some officials came to investigate the uproar. In order to evade responsibility, Dahua blamed everything on Falun Gong. Since nobody dared to say a word for Falun Gong under the current pressure, the corrupt city official got off without punishment, while those homeless families had nowhere to go to appeal for justice.