(Clearwisdom.net) Whenever we see kind-hearted people being rewarded with good fortune for listening to their consciences and being fair to Dafa or protecting Dafa disciples, we always feel so thankful and are even happier than them. Whenever we see people awaken and correct their wrongdoings after they went astray or went down a wrong path and received karmic retribution, we feel so happy for them, and wish them our sincere blessings. Whenever we see people who are deceived by the lies commit wrongdoings against Dafa disciples, disregarding the warnings from Heaven and going down an evil path from which they might never return, we feel very bad for them. In order to eliminate their hatred and misunderstanding, we are willing to sacrifice everything so that all the sentient beings will have a happy, peaceful, and beautiful future.

An Elderly Man Recovers after Correcting His Thoughts about Dafa

One Dafa practitioner's father, age 78, had previously practiced Falun Gong. He gave up cultivation and spoke badly about Dafa, since he believed in the lies after July 20, 1999 [When Jiang's Regime banned Falun Gong in China]. Soon, the old man broke his arm but he did not enlighten from this accident. At the beginning in November 2002, he once again defamed Dafa and Dafa disciples. Several days later, his blood pressure went up and became unstable. He needed two people to help him walk and use the toilet. He was sent to the hospital for treatment, and was diagnosed as having had a small stroke. His two daughters (who are Dafa practitioners) asked him when they got to the hospital: "Have you again spoken badly about Dafa?" The old man was shocked, and immediately realized his error and showed repentance. After he corrected his thoughts about Dafa, he quickly recovered physically.

Party Secretary Receives Karmic Retribution for Persecuting Dafa

Zhu Guoyu, who is the Party Secretary of the Commission for Inspecting Discipline of Li County Culture and Education Bureau in Hebei Province, worked very hard in persecuting the Dafa practitioners in his workplace. In July 2002, he walked into a glass door and the broken glass cut his esophagus. He was sent to the Provincial Hospital in Baoding for treatment.

Three Cases of Immediate Karmic Retribution in Nanpiao District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province

In Spring 2002, Zhao Hongfu (male, over 40 years old), a villager from Anchangxian Village, Nuanchitang Town, Nanpiao District was hired by the village for just ten Yuan to paint over the words "Dafa is good" on the streets in the village. In September 2002, Zhao was hit by a motorbike. Zhao lost consciousness on the spot, and was sent to a hospital to be rescued. After he was sent to the hospital, the motorbike driver who was at fault seized the chance to escape, so as to evade his responsibility. Thus, Zhao had to spend hundreds of Yuan for his treatment.

Ji Xiaosong (male, 27 years old, Party member) is from Anchangxian Village, Nuanchitang Town, Nanpiao District. Since he was poisoned by the lies spread by Jiang's media, in December 2001, he co-operated with the village to take down dozens of 3-meter truth-clarifying banners from the electric wires and utility poles. In winter 2002, Ji fell down to the ground suddenly from his moving motorbike, severing his left thumb. Ji spent nearly ten thousand Yuan and still failed to have his thumb re-connected.

Meng Xianhe (male, 78 years old), from Caijiatun village, Nuanchitang Town, Nanpiao District, was deceived by the evil lies and often cursed Dafa practitioners. In his heart, he also hated Dafa. Since the end of 2001, Meng has suffered from rheumatic heart disease. He was physically very healthy before but now can hardly handle his daily life by himself. Often he cannot sleep the whole night and is in extreme misery.