At midnight on September 25, 2002, police from Huaqiao Station in Xinjin County, Sichuan Province climbed over a wall and stormed into the home of Falun Dafa practitioners Lin Xueyou and his wife Hu Hongyu. The police wanted to take them away, but they refused to cooperate with the evil. The police were afraid that their neighbors would come and stop their evil actions, so they stuffed their mouths to gag them, and threatened that if they made any noise, the police would carry them away in sacks. Thus Lin Xueyou and Hu Hongyu were forcibly arrested and are presently detained in the Xinjin Detention Center. Their young daughter is under the care of her elderly grandmother. (Lin Xueyou and his wife have been to Beijing to validate Dafa, and both have been sent to forced labor camp before.)

At the end of September, police from Huaqiao Station illegally broke into Falun Dafa practitioner Hu Jinhua's home to take her away. Hu escaped the abduction attempt using her wisdom, but the police kidnapped her husband You Yuanjiu, who later was illegally sentenced to 18 months in a forced labor camp. Hu Jinhua was arrested later, and she is still detained in the Xinjin Detention Center.

We hereby call upon all kindhearted people with a sense of justice to pay close attention to the persecution in China. Please extend your helping hands, so that together we can stop this evil persecution that is destroying the moral fabric of humanity.

Written on December 22, 2002