(Clearwisdom.net) We all understand that there must be tests during our cultivation. How can we improve ourselves without passing tests? However, in our current cultivation during the Fa-rectification period, there are two kinds of tests. One is benevolent while the other is vicious.

The first test is a pass or tribulation, as we often say, arranged by our benevolent Teacher to help us improve ourselves and get rid of our attachments. Our benevolent Teacher has borne for us almost all of the sins we've committed over our many lifetimes. After eliminating most of our karma, Teacher left behind only a tiny part, according to each person's ability to endure, for us to bear. As long as we treat ourselves as cultivators, we are able to pass the tests and convert our karma into virtue, and at the same time, upgrade our xinxing [the nature of the mind or the heart, moral character] and improve our Gong potency.

The second test is what the old forces arranged for the purpose of "testing" Dafa and Dafa disciples in a destructive manner. Why would the old forces persecute Dafa in the name of testing Dafa disciples? They deliberately make tribulations and increase the hardships until they are beyond our endurance at that moment to achieve their goal of preventing us from getting through the tribulations. They would rather break down cultivators to achieve their goals. They don't understand how to positively look at the great issue of Fa-rectification in the cosmos.

The first kind of test occurs in a constructive manner while the second kind occurs in a destructive manner. Why is it said that the old forces are vicious? They are currently at the positions of gods and are able to clearly see the attachments as well as the endurance capabilities of our Dafa disciples who are practicing cultivation in the human worldí then they purposefully aim at our attachments to persecute us.

In the process of Fa-rectification, our attitude towards Fa-rectification is most important. What the old forces have been doing does not only directly interfere with the Fa-rectification, but also tries to demolish cultivators because of an evil purpose. Are they still qualified to be gods?

Why do we say that even if we have attachments, we should not allow the old forces to test us? Because we are Teacher's disciples. Our Teacher arranges how we pass the tests and how we get rid of our attachments. Whoever intervenes is actually disrupting this relationship. Could they be responsible for Dafa disciples' cultivation on behalf of our Teacher?

How do we distinguish whether the tests we are encountering are the constructive kind or the destructive kind? My personal, initial understanding is that we do not need to distinguish them. As long as we strengthen the thought that "I am Teacher's disciple in the Fa-rectification period" at every moment, send forth righteous thoughts a few times every day, study the Fa with a calm mind every day, and strictly follow the Fa to have righteous thoughts and act righteously, the evil will not dare to get close to us, and hence the old forces will have no way to interfere by using a so-called "test." If we encounter a test given by our Teacher, this answer is also appropriate.

The above is my personal understanding, please strictly point out whatever is incorrect so it can be corrected.