(Clearwisdom.net) The following is my seven-year-old daughter's experience in passing two cultivation tests in this past month.

One time last month, my daughter had just finished showering and was going to put on her coat. A bee that was hidden in the coat's sleeve stung her left arm. When she tried to take off the coat in a hurry, she was stung again. She began to cry and I comforted her right away, saying, "Isn't it strange that there is a bee in the house that stung you?" While saying this, I complained about the bee in my mind. My daughter then said, "Master Li said, 'How can this person treat me like this?" Then why did you treat this person that way in the past? '" (Zhuan Falun). She then said to me in tears, "Mom, I talked to teacher in my mind, and I passed the test." Thus in less than an hour, her arm was neither hot, swollen nor in pain!

Several days ago, my daughter had the symptoms of urinary infection. She said, "Mom, could you please read Zhuan Falun together with me?" When we read the sentence that stated, "Your illness will be cured directly by me" (Zhuan Falun), my daughter was moved to tears: "Teacher, Thank you! Your young disciple knows that you endure it for me! Thank you Teacher!" During nearly one hour of Fa-study, her hand was always cold and I could feel that she tried very hard to endure the pain. After the Fa-study, she told me, "No matter whether it is karma or evil, I will excrete it out in urine." In this way, she passed the test easily. All her symptoms of illness naturally disappeared. When I praised her, she said, "Compared to our fellow practitioners in Mainland China, I have big omissions in my cultivation." When I compared myself to the firm belief in Dafa and Master Li of this young fellow practitioner in my home, I could not help sighing, "I have big omissions as well!"

Written on December 15, 2002