(Clearwisdom.net) It's been about two weeks now since I came back from Dublin after attending the Irish Fa Conference there. But the impressions made by some seemingly insignificant things that happened during my two-day stay in Dublin still remain vividly in my mind.

Courteous treatment at the airport

When going through Customs at Dublin Airport, a Customs officer queried me strictly and asked me to fill in my address in Dublin on a declaration form because the passport I held was not issued by an EU country. Since I forgot to bring along the invitation with me, I was not able to tell her the exact address, but I told her that I'd like to offer the phone number of the local contact person for her to check it out. Then she asked me about my purpose of visiting Dublin. I told her that I was going to attend Falun Gong's experience-sharing activities there. As soon as she heard of Falun Gong, she smiled immediately and said "Oh, Falun Gong, Very nice!" Upon hearing me talking about Faun Gong, a gentleman working at the next desk stood up excitedly, and showed us two movements of Falun Gong's exercises. Instead of asking me about my itinerary, the lady who queried me earlier asked me with curiosity what we would do at the Falun Gong activities and how many people would attend the event. Finally, she expressed her wish that our activities would be a great success and that I had a pleasant stay in Ireland.

The youth hostel welcomed us to return again

Local practitioners arranged for those from other places to stay at a youth hostel. Prior to our departure, I remembered that while we were renting the bedding at the service counter yesterday, a clerk told us that we might just leave the bedding on the bed before leaving. But I still folded the quilt. When looking around, I noticed that all the practitioners did the same thing to keep the beds neat and tidy. Afterward, the local practitioner arranging the lodging for us told me that after checking the hotel rooms, the hostel's clerks had an extremely good impression of us and said that it was very rare for them to see people keeping the rooms and beds so neat and orderly before checking out. They also welcomed us to stay at the hostel again when we hold the activities there in the future.

Ireland's rainbow

On Saturday, we spotted beautiful rainbows twice in just half a day. When an airplane was flying in the sky above Dublin, we first spotted the gorgeous rainbow penetrating vertically into the dark clouds like a sharp sword. Regardless of the rain, we marched to the entrance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the afternoon, and one of the practitioners submitted a petition to the Ministry on behalf of all of us. While the rest of us kept sending forth righteous thoughts on the opposite side of the street, the rain suddenly stopped, and the sun came out again. At the moment, again we saw a clear and splendid rainbow stretching across the vault of heaven.

I once again felt the kindness of Dafa. In my heart, I quietly wished this country and its entire people would enter the glorious future with the righteous thoughts of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.