Falun Gong practitioners and their family members in China write to the HK government with regard to Article 23

They point out in their letter that in China, the authorities have been using the pretext of safeguarding state security to persecute religious groups, Falun Gong practitioners, Internet users, scholars and journalists. The ambiguity of Article 23 could easily deprive people of their human rights under the excuse of protecting state security. We hope that the HK government will listen to people's concerns, and cancel the proposal to implement Article 23.

Student Union at the Jiaotong University in Taiwan writes to the HK Security Bureau

They emphasize in the letter that the implementation of Article 23 would suppress the human rights of many people, not only students in Hong Kong, but also those in Taiwan. If you just participate in a parade in support of human rights or Falun Gong, even in Taiwan, your action would be construed as committing subversion and you will thus be punished. The letter strongly urges the HK government to make major revision to the Article 23.