Three days before the Spring Festival of 2001, guards at the detention center deceived us. After we walked out of the detention center, they pushed us one by one into a police van. They drove quickly to the gate of an auditorium.

There were two policemen to escort each one of us into the auditorium. The auditorium was completely full, and the aisles and entryways were even filled with people standing. I guess about 2,000 people were in the auditorium. There was a sign saying "Public Trial For Falun Gong Practitioners." Then we understood what was going on. The police forbade us to say even one word. Despite the shouting and cursing of the police, I told the practitioners around me, "We cannot let the evil succeed and we cannot cooperate with them."

There was a row of seats on the main stage where the mayor, district director, the city's police chief and district level police chiefs were sitting. The "trial" began. The first four practitioners were escorted to the stage and lined up. The moderator started to read their so-called "crime." The practitioners on stage stood straight with their chins up, but they remained silent. I felt very anxious in my mind; we could not miss this opportunity of Fa-rectification! I calmed myself down and started to recite Teacher's poem "Non-existence",

"To live with no pursuits,
To die with no regrets;
Extinguish all illusory thoughts,
Cultivating Buddhahood is not difficult."

I gradually became calm and righteous courage filled my whole body and mind. I was next. Two policewomen pushed me onto the stage and tried to press my head down. I insisted on not lowering my head, and I kept my back straight and lifted my chin up. I felt as if I was a giant. I looked down from the stage and saw that many people in the audience were those practitioners who could not step forward and their families. Some even nodded their heads and smiled at me, but were immediately scolded by their families. My heart suddenly hurt so much for them, "Practitioners, how could you sit like this, watching the evil try Falun Dafa practitioners? Have you forgotten what Teacher has endured for us and what he has taught us?"

I heard them reading my so-called "crime": appealing in Beijing, displaying a banner, etc. "Go ahead, let more people know we Dafa practitioners go to Beijing for justice again and again without fear," I thought. When they read that I would not change and they would sentence me to two years in a forced labor camp, an irresistible force poured out from my mouth, "Falun Dafa is good! Restore Teacher's good name! I'm innocent!" Usually I'm introverted and never shouted loudly. At that moment my voice was firm and resonated in the auditorium.

My voice drew strong reactions from everyone present. The audience was in disarray, and some of them stood up. Some people on the stage came over to pull my hair. Some came to put their hand over my mouth. Some kicked my legs and tried to make me kneel down. At that time I had strong righteous thoughts and insisted on standing up straight. I refused to yield, so they dragged me out of the auditorium and put me into a police van. It was said afterwards that their "trial" couldn't go on after what happened. Everyone who was escorted onto the stage after me shouted, "Dafa is good", and over 20 Dafa practitioners shouted together. Even when the police got onto the stage to beat and curse practitioners, nobody would yield. They had to wrap things up in a hurry, and they couldn't finish their TV program. The only pity was that those practitioners in the audience never joined us.

Teacher said, "...whereas real Buddhas are guardians of the cosmos and are responsible for all righteous elements in the cosmos." ("Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference") We are cultivators and disciples of the Lord of Buddhas. No matter what kind of tribulation we undergo, we have to have high standards for ourselves. As long as we put Dafa in the first place, we can overcome every tribulation with righteous thoughts and righteous beliefs.

The above is just my small experience during Fa-rectification. I wrote it down to share with other practitioners. Please kindly correct me if you see anything inappropriate.