(Clearwisdom.net) On a Saturday afternoon, fellow practitioners and I, as usual, went to Xiu Feng's home to study the Fa and to send forth righteous thoughts. When it was near dinnertime, Xiu Feng quietly went to the kitchen to cook dumplings for everybody. All of us were talking while eating. I didn't want to inconvenience others so I ate instant noodles that I brought along with me. After everybody had finished eating, I saw that there were still a few dumplings left on the plate beside the stove, and I was thinking of tasting some. Right at that moment, a hand from behind reached out to take the dumpling, and I thought, "Somebody has still not had enough?" When I looked back, it was Feng. He had waited until everyone else had eaten enough before he started to eat. My heart was moved because I saw a fellow practitioner's realm of putting others ahead of himself.

When all of us had finished eating, we went back to the living room to continue the discussion. I heard some sounds coming from the kitchen. Lin, who had been eating the food he brought with him a moment ago, was now washing the dishes for us. My heart was moved again as I saw another fellow practitioner's display of thinking about others first.

They did all this quietly without any words. I believe that when we can, anytime and anywhere, strictly place high demands on ourselves to meet a Dafa practitioner's standard, think about others first in everything and everywhere, then the righteous thoughts we send forth will be much more powerful. For any Dafa work we are doing, the effect will be much better, and no matter where we clarify the truth, people will believe us more, because the benevolence and righteousness presented by Dafa practitioner's realms are enough to correct anything around.