"In fact, Dafa is not only to save human beings--it is also taught to all beings in the various dimensions." ("Expounding on the Fa")

Ever since July 20, 1999, I have always brought truth clarification materials with me wherever I go in order to help people recognize the slander of Dafa by the Jiang regime. I told people the facts about Dafa. I have also found some long lost friends and relatives through Teacher's arrangement. Some of them learned more than just the truth. They also obtained the Fa. These are stories about how two of my relatives obtained the Fa and benefited.

The first was my sister-in-law. She was the director of a neighborhood association office. I had clarified the truth to her over and over again, but my efforts were in vain. In the summer of 2002, she contracted a very serious illness. She was paralyzed in all four limbs. The symptoms remained even after she spent more than five to six thousand Yuan on medical bills. Under both mental and physical torment, she nearly lost the will to live.

I called her and told her about my own experiences. I was very weak before practicing Dafa. After practicing my body is healthy and I am full of vitality. I haven't taken a single pill for the past seven years. My husband brought her to our home and I played the truth clarification VCD for her.

After my sister-in-law learned about the truth, she was very repentant about the bad things that she had done to Dafa. She said, "Sister, please tell me how to practice this Falun Gong. I will learn from you!" So I started to read Zhuan Falun with her. By the third day, her facial complexion became brighter, and the color in her face turned pink and health looking. My sister-in-law announced that she would tell everyone around her that Falun Dafa is good.

The second was my niece. She discovered smoking, gambling in Mahjong, and hanging out in night clubs after her parents split up when she was only 17 years old. Later she became unemployed and opened a small karaoke bar. She gambled heavily and often did it on the Internet. The relationship between her and her husband had deteriorated to the point of total breakdown. She lost all the money they made from the karaoke bar business. Her nine-year-old son once told her, "You are not fit to be my mom!"

My niece's father told me, "No one could tell me how to help her. I have completely given up on her. I just pretend that I never has such a daughter!" I invited her to my home and played the truth clarification VCD for her. She felt so mad about the persecution after seeing it, "Jiang is really hideous. We should let everyone know about the truth of their persecution against Dafa!" From this point on she started calling her friends acquainted over the Internet and telling them the facts about Dafa. I told her why she should be a good person and how to become a model citizen. My niece listened to me seriously. I also told her about cultivation and returning to one's truth self.

Another niece told me, "Aunt, you will fail if you try to change her." I told this niece that I believed the power of Dafa, and only Dafa will transform her. I wouldn't force her to practice. I only wanted her to know that Dafa is precious, and I hoped that she would learn how to live like a normal person. I thought to myself, she is here during the period when Dafa is being widely spread and she was related to me, I just can't let her miss this precious opportunity! I told her, "My niece, you should cultivate in Dafa!"

I started reading Zhuan Falun with her. She gradually understood the real meaning of why we are here, how to behave like a good and moral person, and the responsibility of looking after one's child. Though she couldn't reform herself instantly, I cared about and protected her like her mother with the pure compassion and kindness gained through practicing Dafa. One day she slipped out to gamble in the Internet cafe. I went looking for her and found her. I took her home, and she told me, "I just couldn't believe it. All my winnings suddenly became zero after I got on the Internet. This is impossible." I said to her, "This is the arrangement by our compassionate Teacher. He wanted you to give up this attachment by using this incident to enlighten you. Your attachment to playing on the Internet is also something to be given up. You should purge it from yourself." From then on, whenever my niece had the urge to visit the Internet caf? she would say to herself in her heart, "I must get rid of this attachment, I won't do this!"

So this is how my niece obtained the Fa, and she has experienced tremendous changes in herself. She apologized to her family, including her son. She regretted all the harm that she had inflicted upon them, and she never visited Internet cafés again. She dedicated herself to taking care of her child, husband, and her home. Once she had an argument with her husband. She didn't behave like she used to be. She knew that Teacher asked us to look inward to find our shortcomings. The two of them made up quickly. Her family witnessed the miracle of Dafa. They also realized the truth. Now her family is full of joy and laughter. At present my niece is utilizing every opportunity to clarify the truth to her friends and relatives. She is marching resolutely along the path of Fa rectification.

My niece was once the type who couldn't care less about her home, her husband and her child. She was what people called senseless and heartless, but Falun Dafa transformed her into a caring wife and a loving mother. The mighty virtue of Dafa was once again on display. The Jiang regime is putting good people who practice "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Forbearance" in jail and falsely claiming that they don't care about their families. I just want everyone to see the truth clearly and judge for themselves.

In the process of clarifying the truth, I have truly felt the tremendous responsibility and the urgency of saving sentient beings. During this historical period before Fa-rectification, let us excel in fulfilling our mission of saving sentient beings.