(Clearwisdom.net) At Fa conferences, practitioners often ask Master specific questions about how they should do one thing or the other. Master has always said that he only teaches the Fa and practitioners should decide what to do for each specific issue, and that if he tells us everything, there would be nothing left for us to cultivate.

While I understood what Master said at that moment at a superficial level, I now have a deeper understanding.

For a specific matter, several people may do it in different ways but may have the same motivation. For example, in clarifying the truth, some people use words, some set an example by conducting themselves with high standards in daily life, some distribute flyers and some donate money for buying printing equipment. All of them act in different ways but they all have a benevolent heart and the wish to save sentient beings.

Since each of our Dafa disciples is at a different xinxing level, for a particular issue, Practitioner A may do it in one way, which conforms to the requirement of the Fa for him, so what he does is correct. Now if Practitioner B does it in the same way, if it does not conform to the requirement of the Fa for him, what he does would be wrong. For example, say a policeman beat Practitioner A, who had just become a practitioner recently. He firmly believed that he had Master's fashen [Law body] to protect him and so he shouted, "Help me, Master!" Then the policeman stopped his brutality and this practitioner would have passed this test since he firmly believed in Master, which conformed to the Fa's requirement for his xinxing level. But suppose Practitioner B has cultivated for a long time, and his mission is to help Master to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings, but he still has human thoughts. When a policeman was beating him, he also believed that he had Master's fashen to protect him and shouted as well, "Master, help me!" This might not work and the policeman might say, "Isn't your Master a god? Why did he not come to rescue you?" What he thought and did would not conform to the Fa's requirement for his xinxing level. This test was not to see whether he believes in Master or not. If he thinks that he is a Fa-rectification period disciple, he is a protector of the universe and he should eliminate the evil beings in the policeman's body; or if he has the benevolent heart to save the policeman who will be eliminated from the universe for foolishly persecuting Dafa, he would pass this test.

In fact, Master has clearly stated these principles in the article "Expounding on the Fa."

Why has Master told us that there would be nothing left for us to cultivate if he tells us everything? Let us think about it. When a certain matter occurs in front of us, it is to help us to upgrade our xinxing level. If Master told us what we should do, the disciples would have nothing to enlighten to--then how could they improve their xinxing? In the same way, if a practitioner's xinxing level is high, he has good enlightenment quality and his capability is high, and everybody listens to his opinion when things happen, then only he is cultivating, and others are not cultivating.

Thus when Dafa practitioners are doing things together, there should not be any arguments. A single matter can be done this way, but could also be done in another way. As for xinxing, you are at this level and he is at that level. Arguing indicates that we have not studied the Fa well and do not understand well the relationship between improving xinxing and doing things.

The above is my personal understanding. Please correct me if there is anything improper.

December 11, 2002