World Journal reported on December 22, 2002 that the Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23 legislation consultation period will end on December 24. "Global Coalition Against Article 23" representatives continued appealing in Chinatown and in front of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, calling on people from all walks of life to support Hong Kong and to protect its human rights and the justice system there. The collected signatures will be handed to the Hong Kong Economy and Trade Office on the afternoon of December 23, 2002.

One of the representatives, Zhang Xuerong, pointed out that nobody wanted a law like Article 23. Some people didn't express whether they supported it or were against it, because they didn't understand the effect it had on them. So the promotion of the law continues.

Signatures in opposition of Article 23 were collected in the city during these days. Everyday, there were a few hundred signatures collected. Rep. Zou Chuang said that many older immigrants from China were deeply hurt by the "Cultural Revolution" and other political campaigns in Mainland China. Especially near the Garden Corner Park area, though they are living in America now, those overseas Chinese are still afraid to sign their names to avoid any possible retaliation, so their attitude was very conservative.

Zou Chuang, who works in the Hi-Tech industry, said that Article 23 would affect the whole world, not just Hong Kong. Take September 11th as an example: if anyone thinks this is only a matter of the US or the east coast and thinks it has nothing to do with oneself, one might be a victim in the end. The Article 23 legislation will decide the human rights and freedom of Hong Kong. Hong Kong needs the world's support.

The organizations against Hong Kong Basic Law Article 23 Legislation include: San Francisco Bay Area Youth Leader Common, Berkley Hong Kong China Forum, Berkley University Hong Kong Students Association, Berkley China Forum, America Hong Kong Chinese Association, Hong Kong Macao Democracy Development Association, Friends of Falun Gong, Bay Area Falun Gong Practitioners, American Pan-Pacific Workers Union, Jinshan (Gold Mount) Freedom Forum, China Education Fund for Democracy, Silicon Valley Association for Promoting Democracy, 21 Century Fund, and Global Coalition Against Article 23. These organizations announced a statement together last week.

Zhang Xuerong said that they would continue signature collection on Sunday in all areas. At one o'clock in the afternoon on December 23, they will hand in the signatures to the Hong Kong Economy and Trade Office in San Francisco.