Currently, the lawless police at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp handcuff all steadfast practitioners who refuse to recite the inmate's rules, wear inmate's uniforms, or join the physical exercises. Moreover, they cuff practitioners to heating pipes or in the lavatory in such positions that they can neither stand up nor sit down. Handcuffed practitioners can be found everywhere along the hallway and in the lavatory. They are also cuffed for a very long time.

They are released only twice a day: once in the morning and once in the evening to go to the toilet. Because of the prolonged confinement during the handcuffing period, however, hardly anyone can stand upright after being released. Thus, they are dragged on the floor. Besides these two daily bathroom opportunities, they are always handcuffed, even if they excrete into their pants. Some female practitioners are even menstruating, with blood flowing down to the ground along their legs and pants.

Also, some practitioners are taken outside to suffer the freezing temperatures wearing only thin summer clothes while it is winter in Shengyang City [where Masanjia Forced Labor Camp is located], with temperatures ranging from --15 o to --10o C (5 o to 14o F).

However, Dafa practitioners are not afraid or shaken by the evil forces. They are persistent in their righteous thoughts and righteous actions; they walk their path of Fa-rectification openly and nobly, and establish the mighty virtue of great enlightened beings.

Because the previous Dafa practitioners resisted the evil forces and turned the open trial into a conference for promoting Dafa, now the police dare not have any open trials and always secretly send Dafa practitioners to Dabei Prison in Shengyang City.

We appeal to all kind-hearted people around the world to pay close attention to what is happening here, and we ask Dafa practitioners to keep sending forth righteous thoughts to completely eliminate the evil elements in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, so to destroy its final wild persecution and unveil the truth to the world at an early date!

December 13, 2002