(Clearwisdom.net) Beijing police brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners during the 16th Party Congress, using deception, threats, coercion, and other means to both physically and mentally torture Dafa practitioners.

1. Coerced Dafa practitioners to watch video programs slandering Dafa through deception

Around September 5, some Public Security Bureau branches in Beijing ordered the local neighborhood associations to coerce Dafa practitioners to watch video programs designed to defame Dafa, thus attempting to obtain the so-called "re-education." Since they did not dare to publicly carry out this illegal activity, they tried to deceive Dafa practitioners by organizing the neighborhood to hold a so-called "Fellowship get together celebration." When Dafa practitioners went there and found out about their illegal tactics they left quickly. Later, the hooligans locked everyone in and forced practitioners to watch the propaganda videos, and fill out the forms after watching the videos. However, most Dafa practitioners resolutely refused to fill out the forms. The evil police ran out of ideas and started illegally ransacking homes of those practitioners who refused to give up their faith and practice in Dafa. They illegally arrested any practitioner who had Dafa books and materials at home, took them to the police stations and tortured them.

2. Threatening and harassing the family of Dafa practitioners who were forced to leave their homes

Before the 16th Party Congress, Dafa practitioners who had been forced to leave their home in order to avoid persecution were put on the "black list." The evil police would visit their families on a daily basis. They often declared maliciously, "If they do not come home, none of you will live in peace!" They would harass Dafa families every day, seriously disrupting their normal life.

3. Illegally arrest and detain Dafa practitioners who distribute truth-clarifying materials

Before the 16th Party Congress, many plain clothed policemen were sent out to patrol key intersections and overpasses. Many Dafa practitioners who went to distribute truth-clarifying materials did not return after they set out. Some districts even arrested whoever was a Dafa practitioner during the 16th Congress. In the self proclaimed "law and constitution society" in China, they did not need any cause or justification to arrest people.

4. Arrest and kidnap out-of-state Dafa practitioners who came to Beijing to appeal for Dafa

Many out-of-state Dafa practitioners came to Beijing to validate the Fa. Even though many of them were arrested along the way, their righteous spirit astounded even the evil police. Many practitioners were tortured mentally and physically at the detention centers, but they steadfastly stuck to their faith and practice in Dafa. Most of them were eventually sent back to their home province after they went on hunger strike.

We appeal to Dafa practitioners all over the world to strengthen their sending forth righteous thoughts, helping those Dafa practitioners who got kidnapped by the vicious authorities during the 16th Party Congress to escape persecution.