(Clearwisdom.net) After reading Teacher's "Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Experience Sharing Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.," my heart was quite moved, and I gained a much deeper understanding of the importance of reaching the divine state of truly rectifying the Fa as one body.

Our still having attachments is no excuse for the evil's continuing existence. However, when the old forces hold on to the evil under the pretext that we still have attachments as a whole, this means that we must eliminate those attachments. As soon as we truly understand that we should be true Fa-rectification gods, our righteous thoughts will have the power to topple mountains and overturn seas.

We always say that we should deny the arrangements by the old forces and walk the path arranged by Teacher. However, when handling important issues, we frequently unknowingly allow the old forces to interfere with us. When we, as a whole, are in an everyday person's state concerning important issues, we indeed have provided the old forces with a pretext for their continuous tests. It is already the last step of the last stage of the Fa-Rectification. I realized that the current progress of Fa-Rectification requires us to as one body become true Fa-Rectification gods.

How can we become true Fa-rectification gods? In my opinion, we should follow Teacher's Fa to "fundamentally change its conventional thinking." ("Lunyu") Our righteous thoughts and righteous actions are creating history. In the long course of our lives, we have been accustomed to thinking in the way of everyday people, which makes every step of our journey very difficult for us to take. In the old forces' destructive examination, our everyday people's mentalities have been strengthened, which sometimes makes us unable to meet the standard of Fa-rectification as a whole in handling important issues. We still have attachments as a whole. The old forces have been using this fact to prolong the existence of the evil again and again.

If we lay our hopes on the support of Dafa from everyday people, we have not treated Dafa seriously and respectfully. When we put ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, in the position of guests instead of hosts, our power would be of the same level as everyday people. The old forces insist on arranging the course of Fa-rectification and the paths of Dafa practitioners' cultivation, because they have put themselves in the position of the leading role and Teacher, together with Dafa practitioners, in a minor role. Only when all of us have paid enough attention to fundamentally changing our own conventional thinking in handling important issues, can we reach the state of being genuine Fa-rectification gods.

To reach the state of being true Fa-rectification gods, we must always keep our mind clear and main consciousness strong, so that we can distinguish our original selves from our postnatal thinking as well as from the interference and sabotage caused by the old forces. In doing this, we will leave no gaps for the old forces to take advantage of. Otherwise, the old forces will not only create false impressions before us, but also, under the pretext of our attachments, let the evil linger on.

To walk the path arranged by Teacher, we should thoroughly deny the arrangements by the old forces and play the leading role in assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa. We should break with the evil's arrangements using our righteous thoughts and actions as a whole, eradicate the evil, and save all sentient beings.