Dec. 18, 2002, Zurich Newspaper, Switzerland:

Last Sunday, several thousand people came out to protest the proposed anti-subversion law. Many attended this activity. There were almost one hundred organizations, including Falun Gong, calling on people to participate in this parade. In the summer of 1999, according to the Basic Law enacted after the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region took over the British colony, the Hong Kong government intended to establish a law against treason and subversion toward Beijing.

In September of this year, the relative section publicly published a consultation paper, which almost immediately brought about concern of organizations and various governments criticizing mainland China. They are worried about whether or not Hong Kong could maintain the 50 years' autonomy promised by Beijing. It pointed out that this proposal would import mainland China's style into Hong Kong, and as the result, it would damage Hong Kong 's most important geographic advantage, and the law system which is close to the common law system. The relative section had refused the second term hearing of witnesses put forward by legislature before the draft law came out, which was very unsatisfactory to Sunday's protesters. Because most members of the Legislative Council would like to carry out Beijing's wishes, people worry that the draft law will be passed without any amendment.