(Clearwisdom.net) Before, when I went out to distribute truth-clarifying materials I would usually send forth righteous thoughts first to eliminate all the evil that wanted to interfere with what I needed to do. One day I suddenly realized, "Why should I passively wait for interference to come and only then begin to eliminate it? Our Teacher says, '...our clarifying the truth to people, we are actively eliminating the demons instead of condoning or passively enduring...'" (from "Commentary I," Essentials for Further Advancement II). During the process of handing out truth-clarifying materials I should actively eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions. Even when they do not come to interfere I should still eliminate them. Turning the passive into the active will make the evil flee at the mere sight of me.

Our society's morality has declined a great deal. Today, when Falun Dafa practitioners clarify the truth to save sentient beings they want to put an end to these warped practices. Therefore how could we be arrested and persecuted for clarifying the truth? In setting straight what has deviated, the righteous path that we are taking will be left behind for future reference.

Due to the limitations of my level, this is just a bit of my personal experience. I hope my fellow practitioners will be kind enough to give me their opinions.