(Clearwisdom.net) After reading Master's article, "Righteous Thoughts," and following its instructions while sending forth righteous thoughts, I found that the power of my righteous thoughts increased tremendously. Nonetheless, my righteous thoughts were still not strong enough. Even though I looked inward and followed Master's instructions, I couldn't find the problem since I didn't completely grasp the deeper meaning of the article.

Recently, I discussed this matter with a young practitioner. He said, "You have carried hatred while sending forth righteous thoughts. This is an attachment. Your righteous thoughts are not strong and they cannot reach the maximum power because your mind is not pure and peaceful. If you follow Master's instructions while sending forth the purest, most determined, and most compassionate thoughts, your righteous thoughts will be much more powerful."

Looking inward after the discussion, I found that in the past, although I worked very hard at sending forth righteous thoughts, my purpose was to clear away the evil since they were persecuting us, so that they could no longer persecute us once they were gone. This was to protect us from being harmed. I thought that sending forth righteous thoughts could improve my Gong, establish my power and prestige, and help me do this or that. These were all based on human considerations. My righteous thoughts had a "fighting" undertone to them. Let the evil factor that harmed us die as soon as possible. Doing things this way inhibited the power of my divine side from being fully developed. How could the righteous thoughts sent forth under this condition have the most power? My righteous thoughts could, therefore, not meet Master's expectations.

After I found the problem, I made sure that I acted with a peaceful mind and tried not to accomplish things, but, rather, be compassionate while sending forth righteous thoughts. My righteous thoughts, thus, became stronger and my mind was peaceful and pure. I used my supernormal capabilities to save sentient beings. I could see that the brightness of the light of Fa-rectification illuminated everywhere, leaving the evil with no place to run or hide. I have since gained a better understanding of the inner meaning of the following quote from Master's article, "Dafa Disciple's Righteous Thoughts Are Powerful":

"Dafa is spreading widely, saving all sentient beings. Although those evil beings who are completely unsalvageable cannot be saved, they still can't be allowed to do evil without end and thus persecute Dafa and its students, and the people of the world. Eliminating evil is thus doing Fa-rectification, and is also saving the world's people and sentient beings."

Sending forth righteous thoughts is to rectify the Fa, is to save the sentient beings, and is most compassionate and wonderful. It is not something generated from human beings' needs to protect against persecution.

Truly righteous thoughts are based on the Fa. They are for the purpose of saving sentient beings who have been persecuted by the evil, and to assist Master in Fa-rectification. Doing things this way will manifest its wonder and compassion. To put it plainly, we would be using our divine side rather than the human side to send forth the righteous thoughts.