(Clearwisdom.net) A photo exhibition entitled "The Peaceful Journey of Falun Dafa" opened on the evening of December 5, 2002 in the downtown library of Atlanta. This exhibition will last for two months.

The opening ceremony was hosted by a western practitioner. She said, "This photo exhibition is to tell people the most basic fact-- that Falun Dafa is good! The persecution is China is vicious. And it is not far away from us, especially because it has involved our neighbors and friends. For example, Zhou Xuefei is the wife of Sam Lu, a resident of Atlanta. Xuefei was arrested and detained in jail for her belief only two months after they were married. More than two years have passed since then.

We want the entire world to know that Falun Gong is about how to become a better person. It promotes improvements of the body and mind, as well as thinking of others first. It is not a threat to any government, let alone being involved in politics. We are here to tell people the truth. The peaceful faces of Falun Gong practitioners in this exhibition center will truly reveal who we are."

The practitioner also thanked Amnesty International's continual support. She also expressed the practitioners' gratitude to the Fulton County Library System in Atlanta for providing the venue for two months without charge.

In the opening ceremony, a proclamation for Falun Gong's founder Mr. Li Hongzhi from Ms. Shirley Franklin, Mayor of Atlanta, was presented. In her letter, Ms. Shirley Franklin praised Mr. Li Hongzhi and Atlanta practitioners for their contributions to the local community. Meanwhile, congratulatory letters from several congressmen in Georgia were also presented. Congressman John Lewis said in his letter that the persecution of personal belief and freedom of speech by China is a profanity of human morality. The whole world should condemn this. He called on people to work together and end this persecution.

Afterwards, six Falun Dafa practitioners gave a demonstration of the five sets of exercises. Some female practitioners performed a traditional Chinese Fan Dance, and they also sang several songs in both Chinese and English including "Being saved," "Falun Spinning in Mid-air," "Falun Dafa is Good" etc.

With nearly one hundred precious, historic pictures, the exhibition documents the peaceful journey of Falun Dafa. The pictures of large group exercise truly reveal the fact of Falun Dafa being practiced by nearly one hundred million people in China. The pictures also expose how Jiang's regime has defamed Dafa and brutally persecuted Dafa disciples since July 20, 1999. They also illustrate the glorious journey of Fa-rectification by Falun Dafa practitioners. From the pictures, one could tell that more and more people throughout the world are eager to know more about Falun Dafa and the persecution in China. More and more kind people are joining with us to call for the Jiang regime to stop persecuting Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners.