Dec. 7, 2002

( Recently when I sent forth righteous thoughts, the phone would ring as soon as I erected my palm. All the phone calls were about trivial matters. Or while I was sending forth righteous thoughts, some relatives came to visit and I had to stop. When I discussed these forms of interference with fellow practitioner A, I found that A had the same experience, but he felt the reason was due to omissions in our cultivation and we needed to look inside, yet he could not pinpoint the reason within himself. Fellow practitioners B and C also experienced the same types of interference. One day while I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I came to an understanding that what the old forces want to do is to interfere with our Fa-rectification and we should firmly eliminate them.

So I added one thought when I was sending forth righteous thoughts: Eliminate the evil that interferes with my sending forth righteous thoughts. As soon as I sent out that thought, my body felt uncomfortable and my legs became very painful. When I talked about this with fellow practitioner B, I came to realize that it was because the added thought shook the evil, and this resulted in a good opportunity to eliminate it.

On the Internet I read that some fellow practitioners fell asleep, experienced leg pains or other tribulations during this process. I suggest that when Dafa practitioners eliminate evil at the top of the hour, we also pay attention to eliminating all the evil that interferes with sending forth righteous thoughts. Let us break through the old force's arrangement and truly send forth pure righteous thoughts.

The above are my personal understanding; if there is anything improper, please kindly point it out.