I began my cultivation about a year ago. Because I obtained Dafa later than many practitioners today, the cultivation path Teacher has arranged for me is relatively compressed. During the course of my cultivation, Teacher constantly gives me hints for enlightening me in a compassionate way. The time that I told a lie, I immediately bumped my head hard enough for it to swell. When I was too attached to human sentimentality, very severe sickness karma was reflected in my body. When my thoughts deviated from the Fa, I fell heavily from the original spot where I stood even though I was wearing flat-heel shoes. During another period, every time I had the attachment of zealotry, someone would tell me immediately that I had strayed from the Fa's requirement. Little by little, I upgraded my understanding of the Fa from the conceptual to rational. I feel I have been through different sieves, from coarse to fine, and have shaken off layers of shells. I have always wanted to write down some of what I had experienced and understood; however, I felt that I hadn't done well in my cultivation. Now, I have written down some of my experiences in Fa-rectification.

Short Stories Regarding Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

1. In May, I explained Falun Dafa to my eldest aunt and sent Teacher's Fa lecture tape set to her home. However, the video tape recorder not only wouldn't work but also the tape became stuck inside. Feeling nervous and on edge, I thought about sending forth righteous thoughts. Since I was concerned about the effect of sending forth righteous thoughts, I didn't do the hand gestures in front of the other people present and only silently recited the Fa-rectification formula. After a couple of minutes, when I pushed the 'exit' key, the tape immediately ejected.

2. Several months ago, I bought two boxes of new printer ink and wanted to print truth clarifying materials. However, after I printed a few copies, the ink stopped coming out. I went to the store and the staff there told me that nothing was wrong with the ink box. I realized that it was interference. After returning home, I sent forth righteous thoughts for a while. I tried it again and saw the blurred writing. I again sent forth righteous thoughts right away and then tried once again. At that point what was being printed out were all clear letters. It was almost too miraculous to believe! However, I still had a little bit of uncertainty in my mind. Later on, the printer would turn on and off, making me doubt whether the righteous thoughts had worked. Finally, I calmed down and strived to "do without pursuit." I only wanted to do my best to eliminate the evil forces. Eventually, the printer stabilized and has never caused trouble again.

3. One day when I logged on to the Internet, the mouse would not work. So I thought about sending forth righteous thoughts to solve the problem. At the beginning, I sent forth righteous thoughts with uncertainty in mind. The mouse then worked a little bit. I gained confidence and earnestly did the hand gestures and sent forth righteous thoughts for a while. The mouse then worked very well.

Short Stories of Truth Clarification

Just after I obtained the Fa, I kept telling people around me about my wonderful cultivation experiences. I would be very glad if others agreed with me and very upset when others did not. I even often argued with them. During the process of studying the Fa and clarifying the truth, I learned to be considerate to others, got rid of the competitive mentality and tried my best to stay calm and rational. The results have also improved.

  1. Last year, a director in my former working unit was greatly influenced by the propaganda on TV and often spoke in a tone that mimicked the TV propaganda. This summer, when I saw him again, I asked if he thought that I looked like some one who wanted to commit murder or suicide. He said, "No." I then sincerely asked him not to be against Dafa. He replied over and over again, "I would not be! I would not be!" Other former co-workers saw me and asked, "You seem to be very happy. You've also become gentler. I find that you even look different." Some of them asked me privately, "Are you practicing Falun Gong now? I heard that Falun Gong is very good." I nodded with a smile. I also told my boss my wonderful experiences from Dafa cultivation and asked him not to do anything against Dafa, since he had had misunderstandings towards Dafa in the past. He immediately said that he believed what I told him and he would not do anything against Dafa. He also said, "Look how good you are now!"
  2. One day, five of us had dinner together. One person said some disrespectful words about Teacher. I could not keep silent and said, "You have no right to casually comment on things that you do not understand. I am a Falun Gong practitioner!" At that moment, the two people that I was not really familiar with were shocked and said nothing. The other two people that I was familiar with (I had clarified truth to them before quite often) immediately started to talk about the physical and mental changes that had happened to me after practicing Dafa and said many supportive words about Dafa. The person who had said bad words before also said that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. I then said, "that's right" and pointed out the kind of person a Teacher of all those good people would be!
  3. Before beginning cultivation, I used to be rather arrogant and self-indulgent. I was often very disrespectful to those men who had special feelings for me. After cultivation, I started to clarify the truth to them. A few days ago, I had dinner with some friends. A friend who worked for the court suddenly said to everyone, "She [referring to me] has changed a lot. She is no longer so flippant and has truly become a grown-up woman. She is now mature, rational, calm and lovely." Then he said to me, "You were able to truly change yourself. You are great!" I then said, "It was not me who had the ability to change." He then immediately said, "I know. It is Falun Gong."
  4. One day I went on a trip with people working for the Prosecutor's Office. Those three people all believe in Buddhism. Before I even mentioned Dafa, they started saying, "Those Falun Gong practitioners are really good. No matter where they went, Zhongnanhai or City Hall, they did not even leave a small piece of paper behind." I then immediately told them the facts of how many practitioners had been persecuted. I also told them the stories of karmic retribution and the current situation of how Dafa is spreading all over the world. I found that they all enjoyed listening and had a very good pre-destined relationship. Some of them even had supernormal capabilities. Over the next several days I told them many high-level principles that Teacher has taught us and how today's people have all come from very high levels and should treasure this precious opportunity that will never happen again. They had no problem accepting what I told them. Later we mentioned the evil head. Two people from the Prosecutors' Office said, "He is so disgusting. We were really disgusted by him."
  5. Upon seeing my changes and through my clarifying truth to her, a very good friend has come to the right understanding about Dafa. She often actively clarifies the truth to her relatives and friends and sometimes even discusses with me about who I should tell the facts to, saying, "So-and-so is a good person. When we get a chance, we have to tell him the facts." "So-and-so studied Yi Ching (Note: Book of Changes. An ancient Chinese book of divination dating from the Zhou Dynasty), we have to talk to him about the facts, too." She referred to people who she thought would also understand Dafa.
  6. Upon seeing how I have benefited, my mom also started to cultivate Dafa. In the beginning, my father often said some bad words because he was relatively more influenced by the evil propaganda. I argued with him and the results were not so good. Not too long ago, one day my mom did not feel well and my father said surprisingly, "The more it is like that, the more you should practice. That indicates the bad things are being eliminated." He now often reminds us, "It's time to practice. It's time to send forth righteous thoughts."
  7. A new co-worker is a very kind and righteous woman. She believes in karmic retribution and the existence of Gods. I clarified the truth to her many times at different levels, from shallow to deep. She now deeply believes the Dafa and its benefit to practitioners. She also knows many practitioners. She said, "Do you think it is a coincidence that whenever you mention a practitioner, it definitely turns out that you are referring to a good person!" She said, "Actually I am a person who really wants to practice Falun Gong. I am just afraid of being put in jail. Alas!" Jiang has harmed so many people!