(Clearwisdom.net) This article is sincerely written in memory of Dafa practitioner Kang Ruizhu from Pingshan County, Hebei Province, and all the fellow practitioners who have been tortured to death for believing in Falun Dafa and appealing to the government to restore a legal environment to practice their belief.

* * *

We knew each other for only three months, but this short time is unforgettable. A few days ago, my heart could not be calmed upon the shock of hearing about your death.

Since July 20th, 1999, you had appealed in Beijing again and again to ask for justice and innocence for Dafa and our Teacher. When faced with the evil persecution, you showed no fear. When cursed at by the policemen, you kindly explained the truth to them and the principle that "good is rewarded with goodness, and evil actions meets with the evil returns," fully displaying the greatest compassion and tolerance a Dafa practitioner has and the beauty of Dafa. During the days while being cruelly tortured, you were not regretful and resentful. Your determination in Dafa made all the evil afraid, and you stepped out of that den of evil with dignity and rejoined the Fa--rectification current.

Since then, the evil began to harass your family and forced you to become homeless. During those days, you had to live in a small, damp room in the heat of summer. But you lived without any complaint. After leaving home for a while, you cared for and thought about the fellow villagers in Pingshan County, so you came back to your hometown. You led a poor and simple life in a farm hut. You only had three simple meals every day, and slept on a bed made with a few boxes. In winter, the house became frozen and you could only count on a small coal-oven to get heat and make meals.

Your son was in the hospital with a broken bone, and nobody was left to take care of your grandson. Your elderly mother-in-law needed care, your husband felt lonely, and the whole family could not live without you. The tribulations you have suffered in order to suffocate the evil persecution, clarify the truth more effectively and save sentient beings is beyond the imagination of everyday people.

Whatever hardship you endured could not shake your determination in Dafa. In order to save sentient beings, you visited every corner of the Pingshan region, and the truth-clarifying materials you handed out covered the surrounding counties like Jingjing County, as well as dozens of villages in Shanxi Province (a neighboring province of Hebei Province).

Even when you were suffering great hardship, you still cared for other practitioners. You gave your own clothes and your daughter's clothes to fellow practitioners in cold seasons, and what the other practitioners gained from you was always warmth and encouragement.

Seeing some practitioners walking their cultivation path with leisurely steps, you sponsored a dozen Fa-conferences both large and small, which helped them step forward in the Fa-rectification path, and pushed the Fa-rectification situation in Pingshan region to a peak. The practitioners couldn't forget that day, the New Years Day of 2001, when our fellow practitioners hung Dafa signs everywhere in Pingshan County, even on the front side of the office buildings of the county government, which had the effect of showing the vicious authorities their persecution has not been successful and also gave hope to and encouraged many people.

When you were kidnapped once again, I cannot imagine what kind of hardship you went through. But I do know your rock-solid righteous thoughts made the evil retreat. You have done what a Dafa disciple should do in the period of the Fa-rectification; you fulfilled the promise you made a long time ago. You have accomplished your glorious path of Fa-rectification in this human world. You are a great disciple of our Teacher and have validated Dafa with your righteous thoughts, and didn't fall during such huge tribulation. You are a great enlightened being in the future universe; you fulfilled your promise to assist the Teacher in Fa-rectification and you accomplished your historical task to safeguard Dafa with your life.

I know you are smiling in your paradise.

Dec. 7th, 2002

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