Work Place Director Protects Practitioner with His Own Car

A practitioner often clarified the truth about Falun Gong to a director at her place of work. She was also a very responsible employee and did an outstanding job. The director observed this practitioner's good performance with his own eyes and realized that all the propaganda spread by Jiang's regime was nothing but a bunch of lies.

When he learned that during the period of the Party's Sixteenth Congress, police would search and arrest Falun Gong practitioners on a large scale, he drove to the practitioner's home to pick her up every day and take her to work. He said to her, "Seeing that so many nice people like you have been taken away, I am worried for your safety. I will not let them take you away. How could I find another employee as responsible and qualified as you?"

"Do You Still Have VCDs? I Saw You Just Give One to Her."

When a practitioner was shopping in a market, she gave a vegetable vendor a truth-clarifying VCD. When she walked to the exit of the market, a young man ran after her and said, "Do you have any more VCDs? I just saw you give one to that vendor." The practitioner took out a VCD from her pocket and gave it to him. He said cheerfully, "May I have one more? I'd like to give one to my brother-in-law."