22 November 2002

Atlanta, USA

Xue Fei,

I miss you very much. Your mom has not been in good health recently so she has been unable to go to Sanshui to visit you. That's why I have not heard anything about you lately, which has made me worry about you even more. Time flies. In the twinkling of an eye two years have elapsed. The days when we were together two years ago seem as if they were yesterday. I still remember during our trip to Gansu we stayed in Baoji for two days. We were new to the city so we felt as if we were cut off from the outside and in a world of our own. We rented a small boat in a park and paddled in the calm lake. It was very peaceful and relaxed.

Recently I learned some news about you from someone who was just released from the forced labour camp. My heart was aching. She told me that every time you walked out of the workshop where you did knitting your eyes were always red and swollen. The labor camp supervisors ordered other criminal inmates to watch you around the clock, whether you go to sleep, take a shower or use the toilet. They described it euphemistically as "helping and educating" you. Because you refused to be brainwashed they stripped your clothes off and forced you to sit on the ice-cold cement floor in the chilly winter or be exposed to the scorching sun in the hot summer. That inmate Wang Peihong, who is the head of Group 308 of the Second Team, forbade others to talk to you. The woman just released from the Sanshui forced labour camp also told me that if someone refused to give up her belief in Falun Gong and did not have a strong will, then she might be put under so much pressure that she could suffer a mental breakdown. Your mom once told me that your eyesight had deteriorated to the point that you are almost blind.

Xue Fei, we are not alone. Overseas, there are about one hundred Chinese whose family members are imprisoned in China for practicing Falun Dafa. Now I have joined the global campaign "Rescuing Our Family Members". In Atlanta, the local newspapers and TV stations all reported our stories, which deeply moved a lot of kind-hearted people who I have never met. People often say to me "Please tell me how we can help." "Wish you good luck!" or "Hope you get reunited with your wife at an early date!" One day when I went to a photo shop to laminate photos for a display board, the shop assistant saw your photo. I told him your story. When I told him you were almost blind because of torture simply for not giving up your belief, this young American lad was almost in tears. The Student Union of Emory University initiated a proposal among the universities in Georgia in a joint effort to rescue you. They called on the US Government to help you regain freedom at an early date. Amnesty International will place your case on file for further action. Many US Senators and Congressmen have written to President Bush or the State Department urging them to give a helping hand. Recently, the Canadian government has successfully rescued several family members of Canadian Falun Dafa practitioners, who were imprisoned in China and helped them to regain freedom and get reunited with their family members in Canada. I believe that with the just support of the international community and the US government you, too, will soon gain freedom and be reunited with me.

The persecution of Falun Gong in China is seemingly powerful but in essence it's very weak and can not withstand justification by any facts. When people learn the truth this persecution will then be impossible to continue. Abraham Lincoln once said "you can fool some of the people all the time, all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all the people all the time."

Everything is well with me here in America. I am very busy with my work and in my spare time I go to the community centre of the city council to voluntarily provide instructions to those who want to learn Falun Gong. Many Americans come to learn the exercises. A lot of them told me that they have experienced a healthy mind and body as a result of practicing Falun Gong and pursuing the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance."

You were always the apple of your parents' eye. The fact that those in power illegally sentenced you to forced labor is a big blow to them. I can understand their pain so I invited them several times to come to America to drive away their worries, but they said they would come to America together with you. I think this day is not far away now.

Zhao Hui