(Clearwisdom.net) When I am not attached to my own opinions and obstructed by my own personal concepts I can see a lot of strength, tolerance and compassion radiating from fellow practitioners around me.

1. Not long ago, the Australian Fa Conference was successfully held. On the first day there was a parade and on the second day all the practitioners gathered together and listening to experience sharing. On that particular day, one practitioner and her family traveled from Sydney to Canberra early in the morning to hand out pamphlets in front of the Chinese Embassy. When they got there they found only one practitioner standing there in front of the Chinese Embassy. That day, more than 500 visitors from China toured the embassy. This lone practitioner said, "Today's energy field is extremely good. Though it was too busy to handle at times, a lot of visitors voluntarily came over and asked for a VCD. This kind of situation has never happened since the activity of clarifying the truth began, and the distribution of truth-clarifying material was very effective."

The practitioner who came all the way from Sydney was also very happy. At the very beginning she thought that everyone had gone to the Fa conference and she wondered who would continue the vigil in front of the embassy. Those who stood fast in front of the Chinese Embassy for a long period of time should take this rare opportunity to go to the Fa conference. She began to discuss the matter with her husband. Her husband only replied in one sentence, "We cannot leave this place (Chinese embassy) unmanned." She went there without any "mental struggle" and everything was very natural. Maybe it was because her Xinxing had reached that height and upon arriving she clarified the truth without attachment, so the result was very good.

Upon seeing this admirable fellow practitioner I felt happy, yet my heart was calm. Though it looked like a very ordinary, very common thing, it was in fact very sacred.

Actually, it's easy to do something heroic and many people can do so, because there is support for doing "heroic" things. However, it's not quite so easy to persist in doing something silently and perhaps go unnoticed.

2. After coming back from a trip to North America, a lot of practitioners shared stories of their experiences in clarifying the truth. They shared, with tears in their eyes, that some of them only had a few hours sleep every day and sometimes even forgot to eat. The stories encouraged others to keep striving forward and inspired them to become more diligent in their cultivation. I felt glad when I heard this.

At my side, several practitioners who are making truth-clarification material all work voluntarily through the dead of night to the next morning. They will usually only have a few hours' sleep, and only eat a couple of steamed buns or some cold rice. They have never felt that it is too difficult; on the contrary, they take joy in the tasks before them and feel privileged to be the ones to carry them out.

Practitioners from other places have discovered the good qualities of our local practitioners while our local practitioners have also admired the qualities they see in practitioners from other places. If our local practitioners could also see and appreciate each other's radiance like the practitioners from other places do, then it will also boost their own strength as a group. As a result the energy field will be even more compassionate and kind. I still remember Teacher's father-like tone: Be merciful!

To have a bit more compassion, means to have more purity, more righteous thoughts and more Buddha light that suppresses the evil, eliminates strife and saves sentient beings.