This summer, I worked at a restaurant near Edinburgh. Most of the staff in the restaurant were from China, and they did not understand English. They needed help in every aspect of their lives. I was considerate of their needs and often took the initiative to help them. Doing Dafa work and helping others often seemed to create a conflict in time, but I tried my best to accomplish both. Every time this happened, I was happy to give up my own things to help them, or to arrange another time for them. Of course I also suffered a lot and I silently withstood the tribulation. They could see this and were deeply moved. They warmly call me "big brother of Falun."

Teacher said that the environment is created by us. Gradually they have been able to see the goodness of Falun Gong practitioners through my actions. Someone said to me, "I think Falun Gong is really good." At the time of Edinburgh Falun Gong conference, I had known them only for three weeks; however, they voluntarily cooked for our practitioners every day.

Similarly, when we do Dafa work, if fellow practitioners need help, what should we do? I remember an article under "To Fellow Practitioners" on Clearwisdom net that said, "Every thought by every Dafa disciple is being watched by countless Gods. When encountering something, everyone might have considered things quite thoroughly and carefully based on individual understandings. If we can think about whether it is possible to reach the result that we want to achieve using the other party's suggestion, consider their ideas before ours and carry out the task together as one, then this thought is displaying our realm. The Buddhas, Daos and Gods in the heavens see this as very important, yet as for how this specific task is carried out, it actually becomes secondary." Another article written by a young practitioner with his Celestial eye open said, "The last test is to test cooperation between practitioners as a whole body. Only when practitioners perfectly cooperate with each other, can we achieve better results. Certainly we can cooperate well, because we are great Dafa practitioners."