Dec.10, 2002

( I suggest that overseas Chinese practitioners write detailed stories objectively and accurately about how their relatives and friends in China, who have benefited from practicing Falun Gong, are being persecuted by Jiang's regime. These stories can then be published in local newspapers. At the end of the story, the kind-hearted people around the world can be asked to lend a helping hand. If they are provided with the addresses (both English and Chinese) and telephone numbers of the Forced Labor Camps and prisons in China, they can be mobilized to write or call directly in order to help the rescue effort. Then any feedback can be publicized immediately. It would be even better if members of Congress were involved, or if reporters followed each family situation and reported on it. Let's get the local community involved and interested in the progress of each person. Then more and more people will be interested in and will promote justice.