December 8, 2002

( I am 12 years old. I have been a Dafa practitioner for five years. But I have not been very diligent because I wanted to play too often. Perhaps Teacher wanted to push me to be more diligent. When I started to send forth righteous thoughts around July 2001, my celestial eye opened. I could see things on my own level very clearly. Before that, I never saw anything.

Now, whenever I close my eyes and want to see something, my primordial spirit will immediately control my body in another dimension to go to that dimension. I can see my own body; I see, touch and communicate with everything in that dimension. I have experienced firsthand the amazing Dafa and its boundless power. I also have seen the infinite beauty and magnificent scenes. I was able to see that every word spoken by our great benevolent Teacher is truth and a heavenly secret. But I fell short on action. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I concentrated only on clearing the evils in other dimensions, but not those in my own body. As a result, lately I have been very lazy. One day, Teacher gave me a chance to see the situation with the sentient beings in the small universe of my own Benti [one's own celestial body]. I went in.

I first went into a dimension that is second closest to the surface. When I saw the gate to the walled city was closed, I just flew in. I saw a golden-colored road and many people traveling along it. They were all dressed in ancient clothes. Not far from the road I saw a lake, buildings and pavilions. There were also mountains and trees. There were houses of different levels. The mountains were of jade; water was silver; houses were of gold. I walked along the road. A big, black horse-drawn carriage approached from far away. An ugly woman in black was sitting in the wagon. She was holding a black creature with green eyes that looked like a cat. Quite a few little demons were surrounding the wagon. These demons were robbing street vendors along the way. The woman in the wagon constantly let out her sinister laughter. I uttered, "Eliminate all evil beings in this world, without omission. Fa rectifies the cosmos; the evil is completely eliminated." My voice echoed in this world. Suddenly, I heard explosions, one after another. The demons and the horse drawn wagon disappeared. The sky was clear and clean. People rushed towards me, cheering and smiling. They all wanted to tell me their stories and express their gratitude. An old man told me this city's history. He said, "Long ago, we had a very wise king. Later he left for human society to cultivate. Then an evil demon came. She went to the street every day and robbed people."

After hearing these things, I felt quite sorry. Because I ignored eliminating bad things in my small universes, the sentient beings in the world of my Benti were living miserable lives. I had let them down. I also let Teacher down. I vowed to do better in the future.

My mother cannot see anything in her practice. She always felt that her righteous thoughts were not powerful enough. Once, right before she started to send forth righteous thoughts, I entered her Benti. What I saw was a messy place. People were depressed; their hearts and voices were not calm. Then Mom began to send forth righteous thoughts. Suddenly, a golden light covered the entire city. I felt energy rushing to my head, from my feet and other parts of my body, and radiate outwards. I felt incredibly light and clear. Both my mind and body were very comfortable. I also saw other people; dark air emitted from their heads and also from mountains, water, buildings and everything. When Mom had completed sending forth righteous thoughts, the people were very joyful. The place was in harmony.

At this point I returned.

The above stories are based on my own limited experiences. Fellow practitioners, please treat the Fa as our teacher, and do not form any attachments to these experiences. We should concentrate on the three major tasks of studying the Fa, clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts. Let's remember Teacher's words, "To reduce the losses, and to save sentient beings, put your Dafa disciples' powerful righteous thoughts to full use! Show your Mighty Virtue!" (from "Righteous Thoughts")