December 8, 2002


In April 2002, Falun Dafa practitioners who were abducted and held in the 9th Brigade of the Nanhu Forced Labor Camp in Anhui Province went on a hunger strike to request their immediate release. The leader of the 9th Brigade did not respond to the practitioners' demands, and on the fourth day of the hunger strike they brutally force-fed two practitioners as part of their ongoing persecution against them. Immediately after the force-feeding, these two practitioners were handcuffed and severely tortured, seriously harming their physical and mental health. After the severe torture, one of the practitioners was diagnosed as having serious illnesses including nephritis, pleurisy and ascites. Another practitioner was in poor health due to insufficient nutrition, and was also diagnosed as having tuberculosis. On the eleventh day of the hunger strike, the handcuffs were finally removed from one of the practitioners and he was sent to the labor camp hospital for emergency treatment (this practitioner had been handcuffed continuously since the fourth day of the hunger strike). This action was taken only after forceful demands by the other Dafa practitioners. However, neither practitioner is getting the emergency treatment that they require in the better hospitals outside the forced labor camp, and they are in critical condition.

In 2002, the Nanhu Forced Labor Camp was awarded the recognition of "Excellent Forced Labor Camp." But for the kindhearted people and Falun Dafa practitioners incarcerated there, it is truly "Hell on Earth." Practitioners are forced to work from 6:00 in the morning to 11:30 at night. Sometimes they must even work overtime through the night doing heavy physical labor, all in an attempt to wear down the Falun Dafa practitioners' strength and will, and to make them give in. However, what the evil people do not realize is that Falun Dafa practitioners' strong will and firm righteous thoughts allow them to overcome all of these tribulations. They genuinely follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, and they are truly validating Falun Dafa. Their righteous actions terrify the evil, and they are worthy of the name Falun Dafa disciples.

We demand that the officials of the 9th Brigade, including the policemen who have participated in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, be severely punished, and that they admit wrongdoing and pay financial compensation to the family members of the victims.