Story 1: Mr. Qiu's wife does not practice Falun Dafa, however, she knows that Dafa and Dafa practitioners are good. Sometimes she also helps her husband distribute truth-clarification materials. Once she was caught by the police, but she was not scared at all. Instead, she erected her palm to send forth righteous thoughts. The police had intended to send her to a labor camp, but the medical examination found she had high blood pressure, so she was released right away.

Story 2: One morning, Ms. Liu's husband ran into the party secretary on the street, so he asked where he was going. The secretary complained that he had to keep watch on over 20 practitioners who were arrested right before the 16th Party Congress. Ms. Liu's husband said, "Please treat those practitioners well; they are innocent people." The secretary replied, "You bet. I know they are all good people. I'm not going to persecute them or anything."

Story 3: A practitioner went to a restaurant to eat and saw truth-clarification materials on every table. The restaurant owner said to him, "Do not take it away after you read it. Others will read it as well."