(Clearwisdom.net) What state of mind should Dafa practitioners have in opposing article 23 legislation? I have come to realize that it is Dafa practitioners' responsibility to clarify the truth, expose the evil, completely oppose the old forces' arrangements, and offer salvation to sentient beings. With regard to Article 23, we should hold the same state of mind.

Clarifying the truth about Article 23, helping people see through the evil nature of Article 23, and opposing Article 23 legislation is indeed opposing and eliminating the evil, and saving sentient beings. The proposal to implement Article 23 is under the control and manipulation of the old forces, and it directly targets Dafa. If we can help people realize the ill intention of Article 23, and they then stand up to oppose it, then the negative field in people's minds will be cleared away, and the evil elements that are controlling people will in turn be eliminated. At the same time, people's opposing Article 23 will also lay a good foundation for their future. Therefore, as Dafa practitioners, we shall firmly resist the old forces' arrangement to implement Article 23.

Some fellow practitioners think that we do not necessarily need to take actions to oppose Article 23, and in their view, the key point is that we have a clear understanding of the nature of Article 23 from the perspective of the Fa, and maintain a righteous mind.

However, the purpose of our maintaining a righteous mind is to take righteous actions, do a better job in clarifying the truth, and conform to the requirements of the Fa. Every phone call, every fax, every letter and every activity we do is for the purpose of saving sentient beings. We are not asking ordinary people to give us any help, nor are we attached to the idea that ordinary people may help us with the Fa-rectification. As long as we use our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions, and completely oppose the old forces' arrangements, we leave no omissions for the evil to take advantage of.