December 1, 2002

( I was among the first batch of undergraduates after the Cultural Revolution. I am a teacher in a top high school. My school performance had been excellent and received numerous awards from different levels. Later I had nephritis and my cardiac problem became progressively worse. In addition, I had a physical disability from an accident and could not take care of myself. My symptoms remained the same after prolonged treatments and I was in such a miserable state that being alive seemed no better than being dead. In 1998, I was fortunate to obtain Dafa. After cultivating for just a month, my body became healthy and strong. Half a year had passed when a classmate of my son came for a visit. He could not recognize me and asked my son, "Is that your mother?" "Yes, it is she." "How could she become 20 years younger?" I told him, "It is because I cultivate Dafa."

When Master and Dafa were slandered by a vile person in power, naturally I wanted to let our government know that Dafa is good and Master is innocent. However, the people in power withheld more than 20,000 Yuan from me for appealing. They put me into a mental hospital twice, injecting and feeding me large doses of drugs that treat mental illness. I, a normal and healthy person, became catatonic. All of my family members' hearts were broken.

When I fully recovered, I immediately took my elderly mother, who was nearly 90 years old and was worried about me, home to stay with me and practice Dafa. She had been paralyzed for several years but in less than 2 months she could walk and take care of herself. She even became younger and her skin became fresh and looked healthier. She used to hardly have any energy, but after practicing Dafa she could stand in front of a window on the second floor and talk loudly to people passing by. Her hearing and vision also became very good. Our neighbors said that she looked like she was in her 60's.

However, at the end of 2001, I could not come home due to the persecution. My elderly mother was taken home by her son who was deceived by the lies. He was afraid that my mother could be arrested like me so he watched over her and did not let her do the exercises. During the half-year at her son's place, she often asked her daughter-in-law, "Please play Dafa lecture now." Her son's wife said hopelessly, "I do not have the tapes." Not being allowed to do the exercises or study the Fa, my elderly mother's physical condition became worse and worse. She could no longer move and became paralyzed again. There were two large areas of bedsore on her body, which became ulcerated. The pain was hard to endure and she groaned for days and nights; none of the treatments had any effect. At this time, I was helped out from detention and I immediately went to rescue my mother. However, it was too late, as she had already become unconscious. She could no longer listen to the Fa or do the exercises. She also could not recognize me anymore. However, she still murmured, "My saver has come." With a little hope, I moved my mother into a small house to take care of her, hoping to get her back from the shadow of death. But all of my efforts were in vain as she was unconscious. In the following half month, she groaned for days and nights, and her body became covered with weeping sores. During this period, I basically was sleepless. I cleaned her body and attended to her constantly. The outcome was opposite of what it could have been; her life was finally taken away by the evil force. She was very clear at the end of her life. She struggled, uttering, "Falun Dafa is good" twice. Then she gestured the family members to help her sit up to do the sitting exercise. She had no more energy to sit up so I used my back to support her back so she could sit. She used all her energy to conjoin her hands to Jieyin [a hand gesture of Falun Gong exercises]. My elderly mother left this world reluctantly.

My family was also broken. During the period when I was suffering the persecution, my husband could not endure the mental torture, and he left me and married another woman. He sent my 15-year-old son to a school in another area. During this one-year period, my son often told the teachers and classmates that his mother was arrested for practicing Falun Gong (since the wicked people dared not let my family members know where I was kept, it was hard for my family members to find me). Thus when I came back, I no longer owned my former living place and had no living necessities. In order to take care of my elderly mother and get my child back, I rented a small house. Now I only have my son left. I took out my limited savings to make Dafa truth clarification materials, and firmly cultivate Dafa and save sentient beings with all my efforts.

I sincerely hope people will wake up quickly and stop the persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples by the evil force. These tragedies should not continue any longer. My fellow Chinese people, please wake up.