December 5, 2002

( Practitioner Tao Jianhua lives in Langzhong City, Sichuan Province. In October 2000, her husband, deceived by the propaganda from the state run media, filed for a divorce. Her mother and father in law both practiced Falun Gong , but they gave up the practice after relentless harassment by the police. They were also afraid that their daughter-in-law would affect them, and they were forced to say things against their conscience. Eventually they both passed away due to illness.

In August 2002, Tao Jianhua resigned from her job to stay at home to look after her 10 year-old child. During the 16th Party Congress (early in November 2002), under the orders of the Yutai Town Government, the local police repeatedly harassed her family. On November 7, she was unlawfully arrested in front of many witnesses. At the time her child was ill and needed medical attention. In front of the 10 year-old child, the police twisted his mother's arm, slapped her in the face and even tied her up. This so shocked the child that he would not stop crying.

At the detention center, the police ordered male and female inmates to beat her for two whole nights. They also used the "Jiakao" on her. This painful torture instrument is unique to the Yilong Detention Center. The police released her on November 20th. Due to the harassment by the Langzhong Government and police, her older brother was denied a promotion. Blaming her, he forced their parents to break off relations with her. On November 15th, her ex-husband came and took her son, and locked all the cupboards in the house and the front door. As a result, her son could no longer go to school. There are a lot of practitioners in China in the same situation.

Here we would like to call upon all international human rights organizations to pay attention to China's human rights problem and stop Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong as soon as possible. At the same time, we call upon all international women and children's protection groups to look into the situation of women and children in China. They need your support and help.

Phone number of the perpetrators:

Yilong County Police Department: 86-817-7222102

National Security Section: Chen Qiang, Jiang and Wu.

Detention center: 86-817-7222154, Liu (female)