(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner in Mainland China. In late 2001, facing the Jiang regime's evil persecution, I started to make truth-clarifying materials. My personal experience enabled me to enlighten to the truth that the Buddha Fa is profound, Teacher's mighty virtue is incomparable, and only when disciples "put the Fa first" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston") and keep righteous thoughts and righteous deeds, can we turn danger into safety, no matter what kind of danger we encounter. I want to share one of my personal stories with fellow practitioners to encourage us all to practice more diligently together.

On a summer day in 2001, I went to the north side of town to post some truth-clarifying materials. I completed the task earlier than I had expected. On the way back, I boarded a bus. Most of the seats were empty, so I chose a window seat and sat down with my legs crossed. While resting, I felt lucky that everything went well that day. However, after about 20 minutes, as the bus was traveling down a hill, I suddenly heard a very loud crashing sound. I was bounced up off the seat. My legs uncrossed and somehow I was standing in the aisle, and I could feel that my head had been hit against the bus canopy. It was a little painful and felt warm. I touched my head and found that it was bleeding. After getting off the bus, I discovered that the bus had been hit from behind by a truck and had spun around 180 degrees. It was now parked by the side of the road. The seat that I sat on and the body of the bus were all pushed in about 50 centimeters. How dangerous! The conductor said: "This was a traffic accident. My bus cannot move anymore. Can I get a vehicle to send you home?" I said, "OK." So I took another bus back home. My head continued bleeding along the way.

At home, I calmly sat on the floor with double-crossed legs, thinking about how to make the blood stop. I also felt the seriousness of the situation. This was not paying back my karma. I was doing work for Fa-rectification; therefore, I should not encounter such danger. The old forces purposefully imposed this persecution on me, but it should not have happened. I should by no means accept it, but rather, I should deny it. Then a thought came to me: Teacher, I must not go. The Fa-rectification has not ended. There are still many Fa-rectification jobs for me to do. I want to walk along the Fa-rectifying path arranged by Teacher! I suddenly felt a flow of energy rush from my whole body up to my head. I became more tranquil. I asked my wife to read Lecture 9 of Zhuan Falun to me. Later, I listened to Dafa music for one hour. I could feel that the bleeding had obviously slowed down. Later I tightly covered the wound with a piece of gauze. Then, I laid sideways on the bed. Gradually the bleeding stopped. It had lasted for more than three hours. Although a lot of blood was lost, I did not feel much pain. I knew that Teacher had endured it for me.

The next morning, I practiced the fifth set of exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts as usual. I had a rest in the daytime, and studied the Fa as usual. In the evening, I practiced the other four sets of exercises. On the third day, everything was normal. Only when walking did I feel a little uncomfortable.

On the fifth day, I again went on the northbound bus to continue posting fact-clarifying materials. Two weeks later, the wound was totally healed. My wife told me that the cut had been more than an inch long. It was really because of Teacher's protection. Dafa is miraculous. My wound was healed without any medical treatment.

But this accidental head injury also helped me to become aware that the evil forces in other dimensions used my attachment of zealotry to attempt to take my life. A Fa-rectification disciple has no tribulations. It is because of our omissions that the evil force is left with opportunities to destroy us. But Dafa is indestructible. Dafa disciples are unshakable, solid like diamond. The fate of all evils that intend to destroy and interfere with the Fa-rectification will only be self-destruction. Dafa disciples should take the Fa as teacher, and strengthen righteous thoughts all the time. "Under the greatest mercy since the beginning of Heaven and Earth and under Buddha's infinite grace" ("Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples" in Essentials for Further Advancement II), we must doubly treasure this opportunity, righteously walk our path and vigorously strive forward to establish the magnificent future for the history of the universe.

December 3, 2002