(Clearwisdom.net) We are all small particles, which become a bigger particle. Just like a molecular model, each small ball is connected with another small ball, forming a stable structure and supporting each other. When one particle has some problem and its connection with other particles is broken down, this structure will not be stable any more. In the end, it will be dispersed. Even though each particle is still good, a whole structure cannot be formed since there is no connection between particles.

If one particle has a problem, the whole system will have leakages and the structure will not be stable. If one particle has disconnected all its linkages with other particles, he has already dropped down from the whole system. However, if each of us particles can reach our hands to him and reconnect all the linkages, this particle will no longer drop down. Then, this whole body will resume its stability.

Actually, when problems occur, it may be due to the links among us. Connections are down and we cannot communicate with each other any more. If each of us as a particle can look into oneself and see whether one's own connection with others is broken or has cracks when problem occurs, and if we all can reach our hands to others and unite together closely, we will then be an indestructible whole body.

I remember a story of a practitioner in Mainland China reported on Clearwisdom.net. When one practitioner was persecuted in prison, everyone felt that they were a whole body and would not let the evil persecute any practitioner. They started to protest together. They decided to bear this tribulation together even if they might be beaten. In the end, the evil had no other choices but to give up. Later, a srivatsa symbol "appeared" on the wall of their cell, it was sticking out of the wall surface, and glowing with bright radiance. This scene amazed all the staff in the detention center.

This is the effect of a whole body. My personal opinion is the question of whether we can put down ourselves and look at things from the perspective of the whole body and experience more hardships ourselves. The consistency of the whole body is in fact dependent upon whether we can get rid of the "selfishness," cooperate with each other and be truly selfless. When each particle in our district does well, a big stable particle will be formed. When every district does well, a bigger stable particle will be formed. When every practitioner is able to do well, evil will become extinct consequentially.

The above are my personal understanding in my Fa study. Restricted by my level, there may be some mistakes. Please feel free to point them out.

December 6, 2002