Evil is eliminated when righteous thoughts come forth

While passing a bustling and flourishing section of the city, a Dafa practitioner noticed that there were quite a few blackboards full of articles defaming Dafa. This Dafa practitioner's righteous thoughts emerged: "It would be nice if it started to rain, and rinse away these filthy things." Soon thereafter it started to rain heavily. The rain wiped out all the filthy words on the blackboards.

The difference of just one thought

A Dafa practitioner was illegally detained at the detention center. One day, the cell door was left unlocked after the guard opened it. This Dafa practitioner sent forth righteous thoughts: "Make sure no one will see me; I will walk out of this place with dignity." She walked out of the cell confidently while firmly and continuously sending forth righteous thoughts. No one was around as she passed the first gate. Approaching the second gate she saw someone on duty in the office. Then another thought occurred to her: "If he stops me and questions me, what should I say?" Just then the guard on duty came out and stopped her.

Later, this Dafa practitioner realised that if she had only maintained her first and most righteous thoughts, she would have had no problem walking out of that detention center. The difference was in whether or not she could maintain her righteous thoughts at that crucial moment.