The following is Dafa practitioner Liu Runling's statement to Qiaoxi District Court:

Presiding Judge, Ladies and Gentlemen:

First, I deny all the charges levied against me by the Qiaoxi District Investigation Bureau Prosecutor.

I started practicing Falun Dafa in June 1995. Through the last seven years of cultivation, Falun Dafa has enabled me to truly distinguish the kind from the wicked, the good from the bad. When Dafa and our respected Teacher were viciously slandered, as a Dafa practitioner, it was and is my responsibility to tell all the people being deceived by the media the truth that Falun Dafa is righteous.

Although I should not be here in court today, I still treasure this opportunity. After having suffered persecution for nine months, I finally have been given this special, precious chance to speak to you, who work for law enforcement and justice departments.

The Prosecutor considers that Dafa practitioners' truth-clarification activities disturb our society's normal order and interfere with the uniform, correct, and effective execution of our national laws and administrative rules. These are false accusations. All we have done is to be kind, clarifying the truth about Dafa and helping our government to correct its mistakes. Our Teacher said, "When being treated unfairly, people should be allowed to speak--this is a human being's most basic right." ("Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference")

Facing slander from a country's vast propaganda machine, attacked by a gang of political scoundrels, we Dafa practitioners have undertaken truth-clarifying activities voluntarily. No one organized us, and we are risking our lives. We live frugally, devoting our resources to printing truth-clarifying flyers and produce truth-clarifying CDs. All we want is to let people know the truth about this persecution and the truth about Falun Gong. So many people have learned the truth through a flyer or a CD in the past three years. They are waking up! They understood that the persecution against Falun Dafa is a persecution against the kind nature of human beings. They learned that the persecution against Falun Gong is in fact trampling on all Chinese people's human rights and a devastation of our nation's virtues.

Once they know the truth, people no longer support the persecution against Falun Gong. They no longer follow evil orders, and they no longer keep silent in the face of crime and no longer help the evil to do bad deeds. Dafa practitioners' goal is to offer salvation to people deceived by the evil lies. How could the Prosecutor use the term "committed serious felonies, subject to criminal charges" to accuse Dafa practitioners? At this moment, when all beings are paying attention to Falun Gong, I hereby ask the court to consider the accusation against us nine Dafa practitioners wisely, soberly and calmly. Please see the difference between right and wrong, and make the right decision.

My heart is deeply moved at this moment. In the past three years, although we made our best efforts and successfully helped many people to have righteous thoughts toward Dafa, there are still so many Dafa practitioners suffering all kinds of persecution. There are still events like this where kind people are sentenced as criminals. Dafa is spreading widely; all kind-hearted people should have a chance to learn the truth, including people like you who work for law enforcement and justice departments. Dafa practitioners will continue to clarify the truth thoroughly.

In the meantime, I hope that you will be conscientious in your actions toward Dafa practitioners. I hope the court will pay close attention to what I have said. I hope you will no longer sentence kind, honest and peaceful Dafa practitioners, and I hope you will immediately release all illegally detained Dafa practitioners.

There is so much to say. Due to time constraints I cannot state all I needed to say. Attached are two truth-clarifying documents I wrote during my illegal detention, which I hereby hand over to your honor, along with this statement.

Appendix 1: Let All People in China and World Know The Evilness of This Persecution

Appendix 2: Written on July 20th

July 28, 2002

Presented by Dafa practitioner Liu Runling

Background Information:

Liu Runling; female college graduate; 38-years old, former employee of the Yuji Chemical Store. On September 29, 2000, she and her husband were forced to leave their home to avoid persecution because of practicing Falun Dafa. Her name was put on the most wanted list by authorities in October. She was arrested at Kaida Subdivision in Shijiazhuang City on September 28, 2001, and was cruelly tortured, transferred to Penghou Street Police Station and was eventually imprisoned in the First Detention Center. Her husband, Yang Xiaojie, was also arrested at the same time, and was forced to sit on an "iron chair" (a torture instrument) continuously for seven days and nights. He was transferred to the First Detention Center, then subsequently to the Xinle City Detention Center, the Shijiazhuang City Dongfeng Road Detention Center, and is now illegally imprisoned in Shijiazhuang City's Second Detention Center.

On February 10, 2002, people from the Investigation Bureau of Qiaoxi District in Shijiazhuang City illegally issued arrest warrants against nine Dafa practitioners, including Liu Runling and her husband, Zhao Lishan, Zhang Shijun, Lan Qizhi, Shi Yan, Zhang Lingjiang, Niu Mingang, and Wang Yunman (female). Qiaoxi District Court illegally tried them on September 9, 2002. Under the righteous thoughts of the 9 above-mentioned Dafa practitioners, the trial ended without a conclusion.

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July 28, 2002